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Dish expects its deal with Amazon Web Services (AWS), announced today, to be a key element of its efforts to streamline 5G deployment and operations and differentiate its 5G offering. Dish will use AWS edge computing offerings AWS Outposts and AWS Local Zones to essentially build its core network in the cloud – a move that also is expected to facilitate the development of low-latency 5G applications.

Las Vegas will be the first live city in Dish’s 5G network deployment beginning later this year, Dish said.

AWS Dish Deal

All wireless carriers are establishing edge computing with the goal of minimizing cloud latency and taking advantage of the low latency of 5G technology. AT&T and Microsoft have been working together on edge computing. Verizon has its own deal with AWS. And T-Mobile recently announced an edge computing deal with CenturyLink’s Lumen unit.

But none of those deals call for the carrier to rely on its edge computing partner to the same extent that Dish plans to rely on AWS. As a press release explains, “Dish will connect all of its hardware and network management resources” through AWS in order to “enable secure, rapid scaling and innovation as well as on-demand responsiveness to customers’ wireless needs” and to achieve “agile and cost-effective operations.”

AWS Local Zones are “an infrastructure deployment that places AWS compute, storage, database and other services close to large population, industry and IT centers for applications requiring single-digit millisecond latency,” today’s press release explains. AWS Outposts “extend AWS infrastructure, services, APIs and tools to virtually any on-premises facility, such as the factory floor or a 5G base station.”

Dish and AWS envision the Dish 5G network supporting applications such as low-latency augmented reality gaming optimized for the user’s device, contextual advertising, or orchestration of the movements of a robot at a disaster site.

The AWS/ Dish approach to 5G network infrastructure is expected to serve as an applications development platform. “Dish developers and customers, as well as the AWS developer community, will be able to create innovative 5G solutions… by leveraging standardized application programming interfaces (APIs) to engage with data on Dish network attributes such as user equipment latency, bit rate, quality of service and equipment location,” AWS and Dish said.

Dish expects to rely on AWS for network slicing, a capability that will enable Dish to tailor service parameters for individual customers. The companies cite the example of an enterprise that could request a network slice offering consistent performance standards for when customers stream videos.

“As a new carrier, leveraging AWS and its extensive network of partners enables us to differentiate ourselves by operating our 5G network with a high degree of automation, utilizing the talent of AWS-trained developers and helping our customers bring new 5G applications to market faster than ever before,” said Dish CEO Charlie Ergen in the press release.

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