sprint+tmobileMATRIXX Software polled more than 2,000 mobile users about their attitudes toward a Sprint T-Mobile merger as those companies hope to gain approval for that plan.

Results of the survey data show that almost three-quarters (73%) of subscribers plan to remain with their provider despite the merger. The firm found that 11% of AT&T and Verizon subscribers will switch to the new T-Mobile, though the portion from each carrier was not noted. The firm also found that 16% of current T-Mobile and Sprint subscribers will leave the newly combined carrier.

Attitudes Toward a Sprint T-Mobile Merger
Survey results also rated respondents’ motivations. Forty-five percent say that they choose their carrier based on which offers the best coverage, 34% on the best rates and 14% on innovation.

Source: MATRIXX Software

The combination of T-Mobile and Sprint will make an already tough business landscape even more competitive. Carriers are likely to be judged even more severely than in a four-company environment. Every nuance of the business will get heightened scrutiny. In February, Global Wireless Solutions gave AT&T some results upon which to hang its hat. AT&T completed 98% of videos streamed over its mobile networks. Only .82% froze and had higher quality playback than competitors.

In June 2017, PC Magazine said that Verizon Wireless was the fastest mobile network in the United States. The magazine said that the carrier split the speed title in 36 cities with AT&T and T-Mobile. AT&T, meanwhile, had the fastest average mobile download speed. T-Mobile beat Verizon Wireless in price in some areas while delivering the same level of performance. Overall, the idea is that the three players are closely bunched.

Source: MATRIXX Software

Resolving problems also is important. Last July, J.D. Power found that problem resolution is a key component of customer satisfaction. The top three finishers in the full service carrier category in the firm’s research were Verizon Wireless (797 points on a 1,000-point scale), AT&T (796 points) and T-Mobile (795 points).

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