may look to , according to their CTO John Donovan. “WiMAX could come in handy in some U.S. markets, particularly rural areas where it’s becoming prohibitively expensive to maintain copper,” quotes the . It’s somewhat puzzling to hear AT&T talk about WiMAX, when they’ve committed to for their . But, they also already have WiMAX operating in Alaska and in some old Bell South territories. It’s conceivable for them to use LTE as their primary 4G technology, while using WiMAX to fill in gaps, particularly as a wireless DSL product in more rural markets.

Should AT&T find success in offering WiMAX in rural territories, what might become of their copper networks in these territories? We all know that isn’t coming to too many rural markets, and if AT&T can provide a wireless local loop, will they need a copper infrastructure at all in these “non-strategic” markets? We could be witnessing early planning of a coordinated rural market divestiture strategy by AT&T. Serve rural consumers wirelessly with both a mobile product and a wireless DSL product, and give up (i.e. sell) that costly wireline infrastructure entirely. What do you think?

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2 thoughts on “AT&T: WiMAX is Answer for Rural Markets

  1. I do believe shedding rural markets is in both att and verizon’s plans. they publicly talk about wireless being their future anyway. Once they figure out how to extract as much revenue as possible from rural markets, they will get out of the landline business there.

  2. Since ATT purchased BellSouth the Service Level has decreased!!! They lied to the FCC & consumers about new services & for me the rates have increased, but have less services!!! This has always been a bad company & will be continue to be a bad compann!! Do not believe a word ATT says as most of it is lies!!!

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