AT&T suffered a of its on Sunday. AT&T is blaming the outage on a software glitch. U-Verse customers were asked to reboot their set top box in phases to restore service. This type of outage adds “fuel to the fire” to those IPTV critics who fear IPTV will bring the CTRL-ALT-DEL syndrome to television. Once reserved for computers alone, rebooting may now become more common for televisions and other IP enabled devices. Expect AT&T competitors, especially cable companies who do not follow the centralized architecture of U-Verse, to seize on this moment. AT&T was taking a lot of heat for the outage and their customer service response. So goes the life of an IPTV operator wrestling with a nationwide roll out of this complex technology. Hang in there Stephenson!

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2 thoughts on “AT&T U-Verse Users: Press CTRL-ALT-DEL

  1. We all know that IPTV has its bugs. All new technologies do. I just hope they manage this well, so it doesn’t give IPTV too much of a black eye.

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