has come out with a wireless, Internet, and wireline bundle targeting small businesses, which according to In-Stat, spend $17 billion per year on communications. The bundle is available to companies with one to four access lines, is priced at $99.99/month and includes:

  • AT&T Wireless: 450 minutes each month per wireless device
  • AT&T High Speed Internet Business Edition: includes DSL service, a security suite, 11 email boxes, and complimentary access to
  • AT&T Wireline Service: unlimited local and domestic long distance

Much like consumers, very small businesses see value in bundles. AT&T is smart to create a perception of ‘simplicity’ and price it at the $100/month benchmark. Bundled pricing goes up based on number of lines and Internet speeds. The bundle requires a 12 month term.

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5 thoughts on “AT&T Targets Small Biz with All for Less Bundle

  1. Yeah they promise and never deliver. Plan on paying discounted rates, but not the rates that are in your contract. I've spent several hours on numerous days trying to get the billing adjusted correctly and no one can get it right.

  2. HUGE PROBLEM WITH THIS PLAN THAT NO ONE WILL CORRECT!!! Just as the person above posted they promised a bill of goods and of course I received my bill and it was $300 higher than my previous bill. Granted there are some prorated charges and I had more in my international calling charges which in total would have increased my normal bill by about $100 but they fail to give you all the detailed items that you end up being charged. To top it off absolutely no one can resolve it. I have been transferred for 2 days from one incompetent rep to another. I have been a long term AT&T customer with not one single late or payment. I have multiple cell phones and land lines with them. If this does not get resolved I will do everything I can to make sure everyone knows you are being completely scammed by their so 3rd party sales company that they hired called NOVO 1. I have every intention of reporting this behaviour to Clark Howard on CNN as a consumer complaint and I can tell you that I have been wronged and if anyone else out there is experienceing the same problem please do not let it slide. This is a marketing scam and it really should be considered unethical.

    1. THose companies DO NOT work with AT&T and are not affiliated with AT&T. They are resellers of our products and services; which means they purchase our products and servcies at a discount and then resell them.

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