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Dallas, Texas – July 28, 2010 – Building on its position as a leader in managed security, AT&T*, a leader in managed cloud based security, today has announced two separate enhancements to its suite of cloud-based security services – the launch of AT&T Security Center, a new Web-based security administration tool that is accessible via the AT&T BusinessDirect® Portal, as well as enhancements to AT&T Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) defense protection.

For customers with AT&T security services, the company is now providing a new interactive tool called the AT&T Security Center portal, which is accessible via AT&T BusinessDirect®, an award-winning portal interface that enables customers to perform a multitude of network management and administrative tasks, quickly and better protected:

  • Centralization of security tools for Network-Based Firewall self-servicing, Premises-Based Firewall, Intrusion Detection, AT&T Threat Management Suite of tools (AIP, DDoS, PIP, MIP), Security Event and Threat Management, End-Point Security, Web Security Services and Token Authentication.
  • New interactive security reporting for Network-Based Firewall self-servicing, Premises-Based Firewall and Managed Intrusion Detection, with additional reporting options planned to be rolled out in a phased approach.
  • Access to security resources and tools such as device policy change requests, AT&T Security Product information, AT&T CSO Security Insight microsite, AT&T Tech Channel videos, internet traffic watch (Flood), IP address lookup tool and access to the latest security advisories with tips for customers to keep current on the latest security vulnerabilities

AT&T also is announcing implementation of the next generation of DDoS mitigation hardware from Arbor Networks® within its network-based security infrastructure. This new fully managed security platform includes a range of capabilities to help mitigate the latest attacks:

  • Blocking of known malicious hosts and application layer exploits; defense against Web-based threats and botnets; and protection of VoIP services and critical infrastructure.
  • 24×7 “peace time” pro-active monitoring of customer traffic with learned traffic data fed back into customers’ traffic profiles, which can be leveraged to help protect against future attacks.
  • Up to 40 Gbps surgical mitigation that automatically identifies and removes only attack traffic without interrupting flow of legitimate business traffic.

“These new enhancements and tools demonstrate our ongoing commitment to investing, innovating and leading in managed cyber security services,” said Bill O’Hern, Assistant Vice President, Technology Security, AT&T Business Solutions. “Our team of security professionals help protect our customers’ critical infrastructure by offering new services like AT&T Security Center, where customers can find security reporting and protection tools, as well as educational materials, all in one centralized location.”

AT&T delivers a suite of security, business continuity and Consulting services to help assess vulnerabilities, protect infrastructure, detect attacks and respond to suspicious activities and events on customer premises and in the network cloud. More information on AT&T’s managed security offerings can be found at

Press Release

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