AT&TAT&T announced the launch of Max Turbo, their latest and fastest DSL broadband tier. Max Turbo offers 24 Mbps downstream and 3 Mbps upstream. The new tier is currently available in AT&T’s Austin, San Antonio and St. Louis markets, with plans to roll it out in others.

The new tier is priced at $65/month. AT&T is obviously responding to its cable competitors who offer faster speeds, significantly so in some markets, than their DSL infrastructure allows.

AT&T doesn’t elaborate, but I suspect their footprint for these new speeds will be somewhat limited to customers within reach of their VDSL (or maybe bonded ADSL2+) equipped cabinets and central offices. AT&T’s broadband critics will probably argue these incremental speed upgrades are not enough to effectively compete with DOCSIS 3.0 equipped cable competitors. Ultimately, the market will decide.

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2 thoughts on “AT&T Launches Max Turbo DSL Offering 24 Mbps

  1. Rural areas in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains (Carroll and Patrick Counties) can be compared the "Third-World Countries". Internet access is and will remain only a dream because Telco and Cable companies see no ecomonic advantage to supplying Internet or Cable access. The local county commissioners bid against each other and did not look out for the county as a whole. The Have-Nots will remain the Have-Nots because of zero ecomonic gain and local politic in the counties.

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