launched a new bundle of wireless and broadband that does not include a landline voice component. The bundle is priced at $60/month and includes 450 anytime wireless minutes, 5,000 night and weekend minutes, and unlimited free calling to other AT&T mobile customers. Unused minutes also roll over to the next month. AT&T is trialing this bundle in seven markets. This move may seem somewhat of an unusual step for a traditional land line phone company, but does demonstrate the influence and power of wireless and broadband. In fact, AT&T is slowly beginning to position itself as a wireless and broadband company, not a phone company.

Broadband and wireless service represent the future of telecom, and AT&T is testing the waters to see how quickly that future will arrive. This bundle is also one that cable can’t match – at least not yet. Look for AT&T to heavily market this bundle to the college student demographic, further diminishing the importance of landline telephone service with younger generations.

Read more detail about this bundling strategy in this Dallas Morning News article.

Also, read about AT&T’s new mobility focused marketing campaign, which aims to promote AT&T as the company of choice for the mobile lifestyle.

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