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June 22, 2011 — On the Web, speed matters. The success or failure of online sales can hinge on the amount of time it takes to load a page, fill a shopping cart, and complete the purchase. Today AT&T* is announcing a new, cloud-based Content Delivery Network (CDN) platform— the AT&T Content Delivery Network— to help businesses quickly engage their important audiences with high quality, rich, and “sticky” website experiences.

The AT&T Content Delivery Network is designed to ensure lightning like fast delivery of digital content, such as videos and graphics – the staples of website experiences with “audience appeal.” The new AT&T platform, now being offered to customers on a limited basis, is expected to be generally available by the end of 3Q 2011.

“More and more businesses are relying on video, pictures and animation to get consumers excited about their products and services,” said Sam Farraj, Assistant Vice President of AT&T Digital Media Solutions, AT&T Business Solutions. “Our CDN technology not only delivers videos and other attention grabbers at ‘lightning like’ speed, but it delivers them efficiently and at low cost.”

Internet Retailer1 cites a report that website visitors who view product videos are 85% more likely to make a purchase than those who do not. The digital marketing intelligence provider comScore2, reported that, in December 2010, 88.6 million people watched online video on an average day, an increase of 32 percent from the previous December.

Companies and organizations in a variety of industries can use the AT&T Content Delivery Network to help enable fast, highly secure, efficient, global delivery of digital media through the Internet. With this platform, universities can provide virtual campus tours, hospitals can deliver x-ray images, media companies can distribute movies on demand, and software and technology companies can virtually demonstrate capabilities.

The AT&T Content Delivery Network:

The new AT&T platform delivers a set of sophisticated analytics and tools designed to help companies understand what their Web audiences are looking for in an online retail or service experience. Some of the benefits it offers to businesses include:

  • Allowing businesses to engage audiences with high quality, rich website experiences virtually anytime, anywhere
  • Providing improved performance, control, flexibility, of digital media content
  • Enabling separate billing and reporting for divisions or resellers
  • Analyzing user preferences to provide valuable insights on consumer usage and buying patterns, such as purchasing frequency or preferences

The AT&T Network-Based Cloud Helps Ensure Security

AT&T has built its advanced media delivery capabilities into its network-based cloud, which delivers reliability and several layers of security protection for content and customer transactions:

  • The AT&T global IP network operates at 99.99% availability.
  • It is engineered for massive content volume and broad reach.
  • AT&T has the largest number of eyeballs of any CDN provider.

AT&T Content Delivery Offerings

Together, AT&T Content Delivery Network and AT&T Content Acceleration provide a full range of services to help business delivery digital media — from rich content like electronic software distribution and live and on-demand video, to personalized content such as shopping cart data and GPS requests.

To learn more about how AT&T Digital Media SolutionsSM is delivering rich media to virtually any device, and transforming the way these services are used, visit

Press Release

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