uverse gigapowerA new AT&T GigaPower map leverages interactive GPS technology to plot AT&T’s gigabit capabilities across 425,000 eligible apartments and condos. This gigabit coverage spans 56 markets nationwide, AT&T reports in a blog post.

“The apartments shown offer an internet connection over fiber today, and you can select to view apartments with AT&T GigaPower,” says Eric Small – VP, Commercial and Connected Communities Solutions  for AT&T in the blog post. “We’re adding more apartments to the AT&T GigaPower network nearly every day.”

The GigaPower map indicates heaviest coverage in the midwest and southeast, aligning closely with AT&T’s overall wireline footprint. Although in a recent interview with Goldman Sachs, AT&T CFO John J. Stephens hinted that AT&T is prepared to go out of their traditional wireline territory with fiber builds and potentially compete with other incumbent telcos.

The fiber economics would have to be right, but by focusing on MDU’s, AT&T can leverage the fiber network they already have in place to support wireless, to potentially support GigaPower connectivity to MDUs as well.

AT&T Gigapower Map
AT&T GigaPower Map (Source: AT&T Website)

AT&T is aggressively pursuing the MDU community. Via the AT&T Connected Communities website, rental property owners can sign up for an evaluation and if qualified, move forward with U-verse GigaPower deployments.


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