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DALLAS, Jan. 5, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — AT&T is opening up new bring-your-own-device (BYOD) options for businesses. With the AT&T Work Platform, businesses can add AT&T data, voice and messaging services to a variety of mobile enterprise management solutions – all while keeping employee and company service bills separate.

MobileIron, AirWatch by VMware, and Good Technology, are each teaming up with AT&T to extend this capability. These leading providers of mobile enterprise management solutions will be able to offer AT&T data, voice and messaging services directly to their customers. With the AT&T Work Platform, employers will have the ability to pay for work-related usage on an employee’s personal device, without the need to supply employer-owned devices.

AT&T Work Platform brings benefits both to businesses and employees.

  • Streamlined – Businesses will be able to get their BYOD needs, including their chosen mobile enterprise management solution combined with AT&T voice and messaging services for all users from a single provider. And AT&T data packages can be added for AT&T Mobility subscribers.
  • Hassle-free billing – Voice and messaging services, on virtually any device, and AT&T data allotments, on AT&T-subscribed devices, will be automatically billed to the business without the need for stipends or expense reports.
  • Flexible – Businesses have the freedom to choose the enterprises device, plan, and mobile enterprise management solutions that works best for them.

“Since BYOD first emerged, billing has been challenging. Today, employees have to deal with lengthy expense reports or foot the bill, and enterprises sometimes overpay for the business use on a wireless bill or lose employee productivity,” said Abhi Ingle, senior vice president, Big Data and Advanced Solutions.  “AT&T Work Platform makes it easy. Bills can be automatically divided, so there’s no headache involved.”

Half of enterprises say they intend to move exclusively to BYOD for smartphones in 2017, eliminating their employer-supplied option1. Implementing a BYOD approach gives employees more choice and flexibility, which in turn spurs productivity.

Press Release

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