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DALLAS, July 8, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — AT&T is making it easy for workers to carry just one smartphone. New enhancements to AT&T Toggle® give network administrators more control, employees more flexibility and organizations more security when preparing for a bring-your-own-device (BYOD) environment.

With the latest additions to AT&T Toggle, it’s even easier for administrators to manage their mobile environment with an improved user experience and new applications in the AT&T Toggle App Ecosystem. AT&T Toggle customers also benefit from AT&T Toggle Data packages available for use with AT&T Mobile Share and Mobile Share Value plans.

According to Gartner, “by 2020, 85% of organizations will adopt BYOD in some form.”1 Many employees prefer the ease of using their preferred device for both personal and professional use. One example of this is SleepMed, Inc., the largest private sleep diagnostics provider and the largest ambulatory EEG provider in the nation. Like many healthcare institutions, SleepMed, Inc. is moving to BYOD to reduce costs and increase productivity and convenience. The company is providing AT&T Toggle to its 1,000 SleepMed employees and has plans to expand to the 8,000 physicians in its network to meet a demand for smart connectivity.

“Using AT&T Toggle will allow our community to use their personal devices for work without compromising security – which is of the utmost importance in the healthcare industry. Our staff will be more mobile and connected,” said Sean Heyniger, chief executive officer, SleepMed, Inc. “As a result, they can improve workflow, and ultimately, patient experience and outcomes.”

Recent enhancements to AT&T Toggle include:

  • AT&T Toggle App Ecosystem – AT&T Toggle App Ecosystem applications give organizations the flexibility and control of a self-managed solution by adding a layer of protection to applications on employee-owned devices. This access management helps businesses protect their network and provides employees a familiar and easy solution for sharing and storing information in the cloud.
  • Box, a mobile application that businesses use to store, manage and share content on-the-go, has been added to the AT&T Toggle App Ecosystem. Box wrapped in AT&T Toggle allows enterprises to securely access and collaborate around business content and enables IT admins to manage specific features of Box that address the specific needs of an organization.
  • Seamless Transition – IT managers can allow employees to switch between the personal and work modes on their devices without entering a PIN code.
  • Emergency Response – E911 emergency call “My Location” capability can now be set up on more than one device associated with the same AT&T Toggle Voice number. This helps 911 authorities identify a caller’s location at the time the call is placed so they can dispatch a nearby emergency response team.
  • Secure Remote Access – AT&T Toggle delivers a highly-secure mobile workspace and is now certified under the Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) Publication 140-2. FIPS is a U.S. government computer security standard used to test and validate product security. AT&T also added Juniper Networks® SA Series SSL VPN to the AT&T Toggle portfolio of highly-secure VPN providers. Customers now have more choices for scalable, customizable remote access and endpoint security.
  • Network Security – AT&T Toggle’s network-based security features help protect enterprise data on employee-owned devices with VPN, providing a defense against mobile botnets and zero-day threats.

“Companies are switching to BYOD to balance the needs of the business and their employees. AT&T Toggle fulfills both,” said Mike Troiano, vice president, Advanced Mobility Solutions, AT&T Business Solutions. “Businesses and organizations save on the cost of issuing company-owned devices, while employees can use the smartphone or tablet they’re more comfortable with for both work and personal matters.”

AT&T Toggle is now available to business customers in more than 25 countries worldwide including Germany, Italy, Spain, United Kingdom, Mexico, Argentina, and South Africa.

A recent Forrester Research, Inc. report listed AT&T as a market leader in a competitive emerging BYOD landscape.2

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