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Las Vegas, Nevada — Sept. 10, 2015 — AT&T is building on more than a decade of experience as a technology leader in developing IoT solutions.

The company recently formed a dedicated Smart Cities Organization to further expand its leadership in this rapidly growing space. Similar to our connected car organization, we’ve committed our resources and IoT expertise to create game-changing solutions for cities.

Using Internet of Things (IoT) technology, AT&T is already helping communities solve problems by connecting things like utility meters, street lights, and water systems. Smart City solutions range from detecting speeding cars, to conserving energy with motion sensor lights in parking garages, video monitoring, and intelligent transportation.

Cities can save money, preserve natural resources, and build better relationships with their citizens. Two examples of these solutions are:

  • Smart Lighting – Maintenance crews can remotely manage a city’s entire street lighting system. An app shows every faulty light in a city so that maintenance crews no longer waste time and fuel driving around town to find and replace broken bulbs.
  • Smart Water – Cities can help protect their water supply and prevent water waste. The technology uses sensors and acoustic technology to detect water pressure, temperature and leaks. Cities can use that data to make more informed decisions and extend the life of their water systems.

In addition to providing connectivity solutions to industrial assets, AT&T is also providing cloud-based technology that provides real time energy usage and management and allows a customer to prepay their electric bill.

“The surge of connected devices shows there are endless possibilities for building smart cities,” said Glenn Lurie, president and CEO, AT&T Mobility. “With more than 23 million connected devices globally, we’re building IoT platforms that work together to help create a better, more sustainable world.”

We’re working with leading ecosystem partners, existing smart city organizations (public and private) and research universities to create living labs in spotlight communities that demonstrate tangible benefits of connected cities. TheAT&T Foundry for IoT innovation center in Plano, TX also helps foster collaboration to advance cutting-edge smart city technologies.

By building on our long standing relationships with the municipalities, we will continue to play a leadership role in developing this important technology innovation that has far reaching socioeconomic impacts.

Press Release

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