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Delta Airlines, AT&T Business and Apple are working together to equip more than 19,000 Delta flight attendants with iPhone 12s. The smartphones will run on AT&T’s 5G network.

AT&T offers two potential use cases that the platform – including the augmented reality (AR) capabilities of the iPhone 12 — could support. In one use case, flight attendants would be able to more accurately assess in-cabin inventory using the iPhone 12 camera. The other would enable flight attendants to experience immersive AR-based training on safety checks, passenger assistance and other tasks from anywhere.

The new equipment and network platform are key to dealing with the changing shape of the travel behaviors as the pandemic begins to fade, AT&T noted.

The phone is driven by the A14 Bionic chip and features a flat edge design and aerospace-grade aluminum enclosure and Ceramic Shield front cover, among other features.

Delta “utilized the trade-in value of iPhones to enable a cost-effective lease from AT&T Capital Services and Apple Financial Services,” according to a press release.

“Our visionary collaboration with Delta Air Lines is proof that connectivity is more than just a means to an end.  We are thrilled to work with Delta to empower their employees and create new 5G-enabled experiences on iPhone 12 to fuel and invigorate the commercial airline industry for years to come,” said Rasesh Patel, Chief Product & Platform Officer, AT&T Business, in the release.

The collaboration between AT&T, Apple and Delta is the latest example of industry pursuing new ways to leverage mobile applications and the promise of 5G, which includes low latency.

All major wireless carriers have established 5G labs with the goal of developing new applications that will tap these new capabilities.

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