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BONN, Germany, February 5, 2013 /PRNewswire/ —

  • “Cross Company Exchange Service” with new business booking portal
  • T-Systems offers access to one of the largest global Telepresence networks

T-Systems is increasing the availability over its Telepresence network to improve worldwide coverage. From now on, customers of the ICT service provider can also talk to customers using AT&T Telepresence Solution® via the live conference service “Cross Company Exchange Service”. This latest deal adds to the Deutsche Telekom subsidiary’s interoperability agreement with Tata Communications. Therefore T-Systems now offers access to one of the largest Telepresence networks in the world offering global connectivity to its video customers.

The extended “Cross Company Exchange Service” connects the Telepresence networks of different providers and offers the same benefits as T-Systems’ existing Telepresence service: Life-size pictures, high-quality audio and high-definition video create the atmosphere of a real meeting. MPLS connectivity provides clear images and sound, transmitted in real time. This gives participants the feeling that they are sitting in the same room together – even though they could be thousands of miles apart. As in real meetings, participants can communicate using presentations or documents. All data traffic between conference participants is secure and encrypted.

The video session’s handling is supported by both providers with web based booking portals allowing seamless business integration. The user can book and manage the video session with all video conference systems in the connected networks.

Video conferences not only save travel costs and time, they also actively help to protect the environment as they produce fewer carbon emissions. A trip from Munich to Hamburg by train generates 124 kg of CO2 per person, by plane it’s as much as 471 kg.

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