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Telecom providers are launching their own cybersecurity initiatives to try to protect their customers, with the latest being AT&T’s launch today of ActiveArmor.

The offering, which includes a range of cybersecurity capabilities, is automatically available at no charge to broadband and mobile customers, the company said. Cybersecurity capabilities include 24/7 network protection along with additional security apps and offerings.

The AT&T offering is, in part, a response to consumer concerns. According to an AT&T survey, on a scale of 1-100, consumers rate their own digital security at only 60, with about one-third saying they need more security quickly.

Small businesses, many of which are still operating at least partly remotely, rate their digital security only at 55, with one quarter of those surveyed saying their don’t know enough about cybersecurity.

As hackers and robocallers become more prevalent, consumers and businesses alike are becoming more concerned about online security.

According to Trend Micro’s “2020 Annual Cybersecurity Report,” the security company dealt with more than 16 million threats that had a COVID-19-related language — 88% of the threats came from spam emails and another 11% coming from URLs. Malware accounted for 0.2%, or nearly 33,000 of the threats.

AT&T ActiveArmor

AT&T ActiveArmor capabilities for broadband customers include:

  • AT&T Call Protect examines billions of calls each day for patterns that indicate robocalls in an effort to block spam and fraud.
  • Smart Home Manager app provides a holistic view of devices and activities in the home, while parental controls limit online access from devices connected to the home Wi-Fi network
  • AT&T Wi-Fi Gateway, network firewall and anti-virus solutions are designed to help protect devices from attack

Free security apps available for wireless customers include AT&T Call Protect, which lets customers customize robocall protection and the AT&T Mobile Security app provides device security through capabilities such as data breach alerts.

Customers on the AT&T Unlimited Extra and Elite plans have enhanced Caller ID and additional advanced security features of the AT&T Mobile Security app, including Personal ID monitoring, Safe Browsing and expanded Wi-Fi protection, the company said in a press release.

Another provider that recently launched a security solution is Comcast.

Joan Engebretson contributed to this report.

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  1. If the service is free , why am I offered a plan to purchase it. I get this offer each time it refuses to block a number?

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