Caller annoyed by robocalls

America’s continuing barrage of robocalls shows no signs of ending anytime soon, according to new YouMail robocall trends research.

YouMail reported that Americans received just over 4.7 billion robocalls in November, the highest level since March 2021. The 4.7 billion robocalls also represented a 3.8% increase from October’s volume and a 7.3% jump on a daily basis. During the month, Americans received an average of 158.2 million calls/day, which translates into 1,831 calls/second, compared to October which averaged 147.5 million calls/day and 1,707 calls/second.

In the first 11 months of 2022, U.S. consumers have received some 46.1 billion robocalls, which would project to 50.3 billion robocalls for the full year, just under last year’s 50.5 billion total robocalls.

The number of robocalls continues to increase despite FCC efforts to stem the tide, including STIR/SHAKEN rules and fines against robocall rules violators.

The most unwanted robocall (some robocalls, like doctor’s appointment reminders, are wanted) were for potential medical compensation related to Camp Lejeune, YouMail said. Those behind the campaign appear to have made nearly 100 million robocalls in November from thousands of different numbers. These calls appear to be violating numerous telemarketing regulations, as they do not immediately identify the entity making the call, do not provide a callback number and appear to be calling people who did not give prior consent.

Source: YouMail (US Monthly Robocall Volume )

“Robocalls continue to slowly increase, despite stepped up enforcement and the roll out of STIR/SHAKEN,” said YouMail CEO Alex Quilici, in a prepared statement about the robocalls trend. “It just shows the importance of those mitigation efforts, since without them the robocall problem would likely be much worse.”

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