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CLEVELAND, Nov. 6, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Large and small, telecommunications providers know their field workforce is the key to positive customer perception and efficient operations. So when Ritter Communications, a triple play service provider with 80 mobile employees, began executing on a strategy to create a more efficient field workforce connected to customer relationship and billing processes, it decided to replace its legacy mobile workforce application. The new field service management partner they chose: TOA Technologies, and its ETAdirect Professional and ETAworkforce solutions.

“We have the advantage of being small enough that we can develop close customer relationships, but we are growing,” said Carla Bloodworth, director of operational systems at Ritter Communications. “Our business reached a point where our IT applications, especially those supporting the field workforce, couldn’t scale to help us maintain those critical relationships. And, just as importantly, our old systems didn’t have the sophistication to optimize our mobile employees’ travel routes and help us communicate directly with customers. ETAdirect Professional will be the centerpiece solution for how we empower our field teams to make these improvements, and by integrating with Salesforce through TOA’s ETAworkforce, it will create a more holistic view of our customer relationships.

“We chose ETAdirect Professional because of how precisely it manages field work. It learns how individuals do work in the field, creates patterns based on this real-time data and then processes it against the workload of the day to find the best match – considering the multitude of variables of all appointments, customers, technicians and our business requirements. It is this precision that gave us the confidence that regardless of our size, we have the opportunity to make improvements such as completing 40 percent more jobs each day and reducing the expensive ‘where’s my tech?’ calls by 50 percent.”

Ritter has the opportunity to save $5.40 for every $1 spent on ETAdirect Professional. The telecommunications provider will find this savings in areas such as:

  • Increased technician productivity, with more jobs completed per day
  • Reduced technician overtime
  • Reduced spend on travel, with less fuel and vehicle maintenance costs

“Companies of all sizes are seeing that with the power and flexibility of a configurable cloud-based field service management solution designed for the mobile world, now is the time to move beyond legacy installed applications,” said Yuval Brisker, co-founder and CEO of TOA Technologies. “We are committed to helping companies of all sizes everywhere take advantage of the convergence of cloud, social and mobile technology to energize their field workforces, their customer relationships and, ultimately, their businesses’ bottom line.

“I’m excited that Ritter Communications found the field service management solution it needed in ETAdirect Professional, which was uniquely designed to serve the specific needs of the mid-market. With a value proposition that includes deployment in less than six weeks, low cost of entry and a robust feature set without the need for any customizations, I think we cracked the code on how to answer the mid-market’s call for better field service management solutions,” said Brisker.

TOA Technologies is the leading field service management solution provider for the global telecommunications industry. Worldwide, the company’s telecommunications community extends from Telefónica, with operations in 24 countries across Latin America and Europe, to Service Stream in Australia, which provides contracted field technicians to complete a variety of telecommunications jobs in both fixed and mobile communications.

To learn more about TOA Technologies and its field service management solutions for telecommunications providers of all sizes, visit

Press Release

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