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Phoenix, AZ – Jan 07, 2013 – Phoenix- based Smartcomm LLC is in the business of acquiring FCC licenses for spectrum bandwidth that can be used for mobile broadband services such as mobile data, voice, text and more. Through its subsidiaries, the Company established bidding entity Big Wave Ventures, LLC and successfully bid for three 700 MHz spectrum licenses in FCC Auction 92. The licenses were granted by the FCC on December 20, 2012.

“In the 700 MHz A Block, we hold the Lubbock, TX and Wheeling, WV licenses and in the 700 MHz B Block the Virginia 1- Lee license. Collectively all three licenses cover over 840,000 in population,” said CEO Carole Downs.

The rapid deployment of LTE technology across the US on 700 MHz band spectrum opens up many mobile broadband uses for this newly available bandwidth.

“This is our second major acquisition of mobile broadband spectrum, and our first time at auction. Our team did a great job and it has been a pleasure working with the FCC throughout this process. We now look forward to putting this spectrum to use for mobile broadband,” said Smartcomm Vice President, Shannon Downs. The 700 MHz A Block license in Lubbock, TX complements eleven 800 MHz licenses in Texas and Oklahoma owned by Smartcomm subsidiary License Acquisitions, LLC.

Other notable winners in Auction 92 were CenturyTel Broadband Wireless and Carlos Slim’s Puerto Rico Telephone Company. FCC Auction 92 was a re-auction of defaulted licenses from Auction 73, which brought in over $19 billion in revenue to the US Treasury and was the FCC’s most lucrative auction to date.

Press Release

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