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Big data offers enormous opportunities for service providers, who are in a unique position with access to deep insights on subscriber online behaviors made available through the information flowing across their networks. This data correlated with line of business data sources, like billing and provisioning systems, provides a 360-degree behavioral view of broadband subscribers. It’s a data goldmine!

Service providers must act to take advantage of the significant business benefits that can be reaped from this data goldmine.  Here are three areas of immediate opportunity:

  1. Enhanced customer targeting to increase ARPU
  2. Churn prediction and mitigation
  3. Generation of new revenue streams

Increasing ARPU through enhanced targeting
Service provider marketers need to go beyond the surface level with data provided by billing and provision systems. These systems do not identify customer broadband usage tendencies or needs – key information that is significantly more effective in uncovering the true drivers for subscriber satisfaction and perceived value. Providers can better target subscribers if they can identify heavy gamers or streaming users.  Knowing social platform preferences and frequency of use is also of benefit. Using this data, marketers can run highly targeted marketing campaigns and immediately impact ARPU and efficiently use marketing dollars.

Mitigating revenue loss through churn prediction
Service providers know that churn corrodes the business and mitigating churn is frequently at the top of marketing priority lists. With network data, it is now possible to successfully model subscriber behaviors and identify those at risk to churn. With this business logic, providers can proactively reach out to address potential pain points.  Network data with usage profiles is critical input into developing predictive churn models.  The data is the perfect indicator of subscriber usage experience. Models that include network data will provide stronger predictive capabilities than models relying only on demographic and business data. Service providers can use this data to successfully tackle one of their top business objectives – reducing customer churn.

Generating new revenue streams
With potential changes in the U.S. regulatory environment, broadband service providers may soon be able to use subscriber data for enhanced targeting. These changes may also open the door for service providers to develop new revenue streams by monetizing the data flowing through their networks. According to a recent report from Ovum,  service providers are second only to social networks as the best original source for data. This report also reveals that brands are willing to pay a premium for assets that enable better targeting!  Service providers may choose to package their data to develop new sources of revenue.

It is indeed an exciting time for service providers. Cloud platforms and other big data analytics have opened new opportunities for improvements throughout the service provider business. With fierce competition for broadband subscribers, the time is right for new ways to improve ARPU, reduce churn and generate new revenue streams.  With the right data analytics strategy, nothing stands in the way of success.

To learn more about a tool that can help you get started with your data and analytics, head over to see a demo of Marketing Cloud from Calix.

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