There’s an interesting bit of data in a comScore white paper ostensibly about the video advertising business. Among Americans 25 to 34, use of the Internet is identical with the population. In other words, everybody in that age bracket uses the Internet. In the 35 to 44 age bracket, use of the Internet and population are virtually identical.

Veterans of the cable TV industry with long memories will probably remember something like this distribution applying to households, and use of cable TV. A legendary cable TV magnate once was asked in the 1980s about households that do not want to buy cable TV.

There are some people who do not want to buy cable TV, then Tele-Communications Inc. CEO John Malone said. But they are dying, he quipped. Then, as now, adoption is a matter of demographics.

Older people might not use the Internet as much as younger people. Over time, that naturally will change, as younger age cohorts simply use the Internet as a natural part of life.

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