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11/25/2020 — AMERICUS, KS – S&A Telephone has announced that it has completed its fiber build to Americus, Kansas and residents are now enjoying fiber-fast Internet for the first time.

Thanks to funding from the recently awarded CARES Act and Connectivity Emergency Response Grant, S&A was able to build the infrastructure to bring the fiber network to the main street area in Americus.

“It was all hands-on deck at S&A Telephone to make sure we not only met the requirements of the grant but worked to get customers connected before the holidays,” said Josh Reece, Operations Supervisor for S&A Telephone.

“This area has been lacking sufficient Internet to do every day critical functions, from running a business to distance learning. We knew that each customer we could get connected would make a difference,” added Deb Rand, President of S&A Telephone.

Local business owner, Cherryle Gayer added, “Here’s what I love about the new fiber! It’s super-fast! There is no wait time when we run credit cards. The internet service we had before was very slow and went in and out. This fiber has not even blinked! It’s so reliable! I have enough to worry about, so I don’t want to worry about whether or not my internet works. I order all my product online every week and I need the internet to work fast and fiber works very fast!”

Local restaurant owner Mike Phillips echoed the sentiment, “It’s 100 times better than what we had. Fast, reliable and allows everyone to use their devices at the same time without interruption.”

Press Release

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