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November 17, 2022 – American Fork City has announced a partnership with STRATA Networks to design and deploy an all-fiber network throughout the city, bringing internet speeds up to 10 Gbps to American Fork residents and businesses.

Having received many requests from residents to consider a citywide fiber network, American Fork recognizes and understands the need for fast, reliable internet connectivity. Over the last several years, the city has conducted multiple surveys, each indicating a resounding interest in a citywide fiber network. The final survey, conducted in 2021, revealed 90% of respondents are interested in the city developing a fiber internet infrastructure.

Access to a municipal fiber network will bring American Fork residents and businesses many benefits. Fiber has the ability to provide the fastest internet speeds available, greater reliability, and much more. In addition, the network infrastructure will be entirely owned by American Fork and follow an open-access model wherein participating Internet Service Providers (ISPs) can utilize the infrastructure and sell services to consumers, which will give consumers a variety of choices, create more price parity, and promote competition in the marketplace.

“Some residents in our community have had little to no options when it comes to internet service providers. With this open-access model, residents can choose which service works best for them in a truly competitive market,” said Mayor Brad Frost. “With this approach, and STRATA Networks as our partner, we can finally give all our residents equal access to fast reliable fiber internet.”

Headquartered in Utah, STRATA Networks is the largest independent telecommunications cooperative in the state with nearly 70 years of experience in the industry and three decades of building fiber-to-the-premises networks. STRATA’s unique model which allows municipalities to maintain ownership in the network and benefit from subscriber revenues while having STRATA as a trusted partner to serve as the network operator, is gaining in popularity, with both Lehi City and Providence City also partnering with STRATA to build and operate their fiber networks.

“American Fork is a city that was founded on opportunity. Balancing their small-town charm with big city aspirations, a fiber network will bring the world of commerce and education to their doorstep,” said STRATA Networks CEO/General Manager Bruce Todd. “Our partnership with American Fork will be similar to recent partnerships STRATA has entered into with Lehi and Providence City. We believe the American Fork and Lehi City projects will complement each other nicely. The addition of fiber in these cities will only increase the offerings for residents and businesses.”

American Fork City and STRATA Networks are currently in the design phase of the fiber network. However, residents can express their interest in a fiber connection now by pre-registering at The demand shown will be one of the factors used to help determine the buildout schedule once construction begins.

More information, as well as project updates, can be found on the City’s website at

For questions on this press release, contact Tyler Rasmussen at 435-622-5007 or email

Press Release

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