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Altafiber announced that gigabit broadband is available to most single-family homes and business addresses in the Kentucky counties of Boone, Campbell and Kenton counties. The projects were made possible through Altafiber public-private partnerships that were announced in 2021.

The regional service provider, formerly known as Cincinnati Bell, announced the project in 2021.

A total of 195,000 addresses are targeted for the fiber deployment project, which will cost a total of $180 million.

Altafiber offered a breakdown on funding for the projects.

  • The Boone County Fiscal Court committed as much as $13.6 million. The project in that county included financial partnerships with the Boone County Public Library and the Boone County Cooperative Extension. To date, 31,000 addresses have been reached.
  • Campbell County committed as much as $4.5 million. To date, 9,000 addresses have been reached in the county.
  • Kenton County committed as much as $10.8 million. To date, 24,000 addresses have been reached in the county.

UniCity, which is altafiber’s smart city organization, is investing a total of $1.1 million to support initiatives in each of the counties.

“We are proud to partner with Boone County, Campbell County, and Kenton County on this important project, and appreciate their leadership,” Jason Praeter, altafiber’s president of Consumer & Small Business said in a press release about the altafiber public-private partnerships. “Together, we are creating more digital equity in Northern Kentucky and ensuring all of our friends and neighbors have access to educational, employment, and healthcare opportunities through broadband connectivity.”

The service provider says that it will continue to build fiber to multiple dwelling units and remaining single-family and business addresses that could not yet be completed because of issues involving railroad or certain construction permits.

Altafiber also has been involved in numerous public-private partnerships in Ohio.

One of the company’s more recent Kentucky builds was in Gallatin county

More information about Kentucky funding programs, including links to state broadband resources and Telecompetitor coverage, can be found on Telecompetitor’s Broadband Nation page for Kentucky.

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