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BOSTON, Dec. 6, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Connectbase, the marketplace for connectivity, announces that MTA, Alaska’s best choice for technology and communications, is the newest member of The Connected World platform.

The Connected World — Connectbase’s SaaS platform for connectivity buyers and sellers — profiles more than 1.8 billion locations across 150 countries, creating a living catalog of location-based intelligence and opportunities for MTA. As part of The Connected World digital ecosystem, MTA will have access to a greater serviceable market for its unique Alaska network. Through this partnership, Connectbase and MTA aim to improve diversity and survivability on connections between Alaska and the Lower 48.

“MTA is thrilled to kick off this partnership with Connectbase,” said Michael Burke, CEO of MTA. “We are always seeking opportunities to reach our full potential by bolstering our ecosystem and taking proactive steps to identify new markets and partners. The strong capabilities of The Connected World platform will allow us to accomplish this and better articulate the unequaled benefits of our network to national and international carriers.”

With its historic AlCan ONE network — the first all-terrestrial fiber line from Alaska to the contiguous United States — MTA is the only Alaskan service provider to have high-capacity terrestrial fiber paths to both Seattle and Chicago, in addition to an undersea route to Portland.

“With our partnership underway, each member of The Connected World ecosystem now will be linked to MTA’s robust network, including its one-of-a-kind all-terrestrial fiber network to the Lower 48,” said Ben Edmond, Founder and CEO of Connectbase. “The ecosystem is built by partners like MTA, and we’re proud to say that our ongoing and new partnerships improve connectivity around the world.”

Press Release

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