released a new study, the , which focuses on consumption of video content. They surveyed 14,000 consumers across the world to determine television viewing habits. Among key findings, survey results found that while content consumption is growing, it’s becoming more fragmented. Consumers are interacting with content across multiple platforms and their loyalty is increasingly with their content of choice, not the distributor or service provider who delivers it.

Whereas earlier generations may have been loyal to say NBC or MTV, they are now loyal to American Idol or CSI. Where and by whom American Idol or CSI is delivered is irrelevant. What is relevant is a consumer’s ability to interact with their content of choice across whichever platform they choose – Internet, DVD, mobile, or TV. Such a shift in loyalty creates an opportunity for service providers. Those who can enable a multi-platform experience stand to gain. “Providers face an urgent need to capture consumer loyalty now — and respond to changing consumption habits — or face playing catch-up against other content delivery choices,” said David Wolf, a senior executive with Accenture’s Media & Entertainment practice. “The modes of consumption that provide an alternative to the traditional TV experience are becoming part of everyday life rather than the occasional novelty.”

Of course not all service providers have the scale to build a three screen experience. That’s reserved but for a few. But that shouldn’t stop smaller carriers from focusing on what they can do best, including providing the most robust broadband experience in their market, and if they so choose, a compelling multichannel video product. To the extent possible, giving customers the tools they need to consume content on their terms should be the goal. “The key remains understanding consumers, knowing what they want and leveraging that data quickly to develop and deliver the right products and services for the marketplace,” said Wolf.

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