broadbandvisionA common characteristic of business success is vision. That is, laying out a path or course of action for your organization that best seizes and maximizes the opportunities that lie ahead. It’s not a trivial task and it requires discipline, knowledge, planning, and a little luck. Companies and their leaders who have vision and execute against it usually outperform those who don’t. Given the growing number of opportunities and the rapid rate at which business models are evolving in the broadband industry, one could argue vision has never been more important.

So I’m glad to be a part of a new event that tackles this important issue head on – BroadbandVision, taking place October 1-3 in Las Vegas. Telecompetitor is a part of a growing coalition of organizations who have come together to produce this event, including NTCA – The Rural Broadband Association, ITTA – The Voice of Mid-Size Carriers, and a host of other broadband and network focused organizations. Our goal with BroadbandVision is to equip all attendees with relevant knowledge and tools that can help formulate and execute vision for all participants of the broadband carrier ecosystem.

“Our industry is undergoing rapid and deep shifts and it has become clear that broadband is the new local service,” said Shirley Bloomfield, CEO of event co-producer NTCA in a press release announcing BroadbandVision. “The coalition we’ve assembled for BroadbandVision will facilitate the right discussions, promote the right ideas and launch the right action plans so that providers of all sizes can seize upon the broadband-enabled future.”

A Vision for Broadband
Our program focuses on three key areas, including Video/Entertainment, Cloud/Enterprise, and timely broadband case studies that will provide new ideas for attendees. Key sessions for the event include:

  • Gigabit Broadband: Broadband’s Next Frontier
  • From Good to Great: Achieving the Best Entertainment Experience
  • Competing With Conglomerates: Implications of the Megamergers
  • Enterprise Apps: The Low Hanging Fruit
  • From Five 9s to Market Focused: A Cultural Transition
  • Netflix: New Friend or Trojan Horse?
  • E-Rate: Maximize Your Opportunity
  • BroadbandTV: Let’s Talk Details
  • Get Smart: Leveraging the Smart Economy
  • G.Fast: Copper-to-the-Home

We have assembled service providers who will offer case studies about their own experiences in building data centers, rethinking how to do wireless backhaul, and an early look at TV Whitespaces Broadband, among others. Our keynote speakers include:

  • Jeff Gardner, president and chief executive officer at Windstream, who has overseen a timely transition of his company from a traditional telco to one now focused on broadband, cloud, and managed services to businesses and consumers nationwide.
  • Chetan Sharma, founder and president of Chetan Sharma Consulting, one of the most respected management consulting and strategic advisory firms in the wireless industry, who publishes some of the best research available on mobile broadband and its implications.
  • Steve Shannon, GM of Content and Services for Roku, the market leader in streaming entertainment devices for the TV, who is helping define a new entertainment experience delivered over broadband networks.

“ITTA members like CenturyLink, Frontier, TDS, and FairPoint are busily executing robust business plans that leverage their significant broadband network investments,” said Genny Morelli, President of event co-producer ITTA in the BroadbandVision press release. “BroadbandVision represents a unique opportunity to leverage the vast mindshare of the diverse broadband carrier ecosystem.”

In addition to NTCA and ITTA, participating coalition partners include NRECA, the Wi-Fi Alliance, HomeGrid, Parks Associates, HomePlug, MoCA, and the FTTH Council. Their input and insight will help ensure we provide a valuable tradeshow experience with a tangible ROI for the broadband ecosystem, including telco, cable, municipal/utility, electric cooperatives, and wireless Internet providers. Follow us on Twitter at @BBVisionShow and connect with us on LinkedIn.

Broadband is a journey, and when put in its proper context, as an industry, we’re just getting started. There is lots to learn and many peers and partners to learn from. BroadbandVision is but one stop on that journey. A stop we encourage you to take. Register now here and learn more about the event at

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