“The future of work will involve organizations moving toward a more flexible work model where employees will be allowed to buy their own office space, according to Regus, a provider of flexible workspaces, and consultancy Unwired.

Regus and Unwired surveyed 600 enterprise executives from around the world and found that 60 percent of survey respondents forecast a decrease in the need for office space in the future, with seven percent predicting an increase in space required. About 51 percent indicated that the office will become a place for occasional use.

“As the utilization of an office today is typically only 45 percent, empty desks no longer make sense in a world where mobility and agility will become accepted by people as the most effective and sustainable way of working,” says Philip Ross, Chief Executive Officer, Unwired.

About 59 percent of respondents said they no longer struggle to work effectively outside the workplace. On the other hand, just 12 percent of people would like to work from home.

Fully 64 percent of respondents believe the ideal commute to work is under 20 minutes and 25 percent want less than a 10 minute commute. Currently, 32 percent of respondents that work for large organizations spend 41 minutes to an hour commuting every day and 27 percent spend over an hour.

About 71 percent of those surveyed believe that younger workers, the millennials and the generation still at school, will be more accepting of virtual working and reject the traditional office.


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