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Sixty-two percent of respondents to a 5G adoption study from HighSpeedInternet.com survey think that 5G is “worth the upgrade.”

The survey, which had 1,000 respondents between 16 and 54 years of age, found that 48% of respondents are using 5G-capable devices and 69% bought their first 5G-capable device during the past three to six months. Seventy percent purchased a such a device – not necessarily their first — during the same time period.

The report also said that three quarters of those surveyed think that their 5G connections will improve this year as wireless infrastructure expands. Sixty-one percent of respondents notice a difference in speed and performance when switching to a 5G connection, while 18% see no change.

“The fifth generation of wireless technology is still fairly new, with limited coverage and a relatively limited number of 5G phones available on the market,” the 5G adoption study said. “But the results of a new survey we conducted suggest that Americans are excited about a 5G future.”

The survey was distributed online via Pollfish and had participants from all 50 states.

A basic understanding of what 5G is and its potential benefits are vital to its success, since devices and connectivity may be more expensive. From that perspective, the results of the HighSpeedInternet.com 5G adoption study are positive, though they must be taken with a grain of salt without deeper knowledge of how participants were vetted.

5G-capable smartphones indeed are being sold, though the percentages still are not overwhelming. Last October, Counterpoint said that 14% of smartphones sold in August supported 5G, a significant increase compared to the 3% in January 2020. The firm made the reasonable assessment that a steep decline in prices – from $1,000 to $600 in some cases – had a lot to do with the increased sales.

It’s worth noting that the 14% figure for 5G-enabled device sales found by Counterpoint is far less than the figures HighSpeedInternet.com’s survey provided on sales of such devices.

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