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Groveton, New Hampshire — December 2, 2016 — Sen. Jeanne Shaheen announced that the new 4G LTE network built and operated by Wireless Partners, LLC in Coos County, NH has launched broadband data and voice services as part of Verizon’s LTE in Rural America (LRA) program. The project will bring much needed wireless services to residents, businesses, visitors and public safety departments across rural northern New Hampshire.

“Over the last two years, it’s been the vision of everyone involved in this effort to connect the North Country to this major cell network and improve public safety, economic development and tourism in the region,” said Senator Shaheen. “I’m very happy to say that calls are finally coming in loud and clear. This expanded coverage also provides residents with another service choice. Verizon Wireless coverage is a major step forward for the region and I hope we will see more cell service providers expanding service to the North Country and other underserved areas of New Hampshire.”

The first phase of the project provides 4G LTE service from four tower sites: Chapel Hill in Pittsburg, Milan Hill, Morse Mountain in Groveton, and in Errol on Route 26. The final hurdle to the network going live was E911 testing, which completed successfully earlier this week and enabled the introduction of voice over LTE (VoLTE) services, including HD Voice, for Verizon customers with compatible smartphones. Wireless Partners will continue to expand LTE service available to Verizon and future Wireless Partners customers with an additional 12 towers being constructed across Coos County in Phase II of the project. Wireless Partners has established a new office in Groveton and siting for these new towers is already underway.

Access to wireless technology and broadband internet is essential to economic development and competitiveness in the 21st Century,” stated Bob Parsloe, CEO of Wireless Partners. “It is required for commerce, necessary for modern modes of communication, and indispensable to public safety. It is fundamental to conducting daily life and with the construction of this new network it is now accessible in northern New Hampshire.”

Jeffrey Rose, Commissioner of the New Hampshire Department of Resources and Economic Development, spoke at the press conference and echoed his colleagues on the importance of access to wireless technology and broadband internet to rural areas.

“A lack of access to mobile cellular and high speed broadband networks puts rural communities at a competitive disadvantage, not only for residents and businesses, but for visitors who come to our great state,” said Commissioner Rose. “The completion of this 4-site network, and the additional Phase II planning, will provide infrastructure in Coos County to support economic initiatives with the opportunity to compete on a level playing field.”

Not to be overlooked, speakers also celebrated enhanced public safety as a key outcome of the new network. Public safety officials will be able to pinpoint accident victims and respond to emergencies faster; remote areas will have access to 911; vital patient data like EKG results can be sent ahead to expecting hospitals in situations where every second counts; and ongoing telemedicine follow-up is now possible.

“Simply put, this new network will save lives,” proclaimed Coos County Sheriff, Gerry Marcou. “Response times will be shortened, critical information can be shared, and our communities will be safer.”

The network was privately funded by Wireless Partners in partnership with ExteNet Systems of Lisle, Il along with grant-funded network backhaul services provided by TCC Networks. Wireless Partners and its sister company, Great North Woods Wireless, will further expand its 4G LTE service in the coming months.

Press Release

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