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Tampla, Fla — June 24, 2024 — ( – Telecommunications software leader Axiros North America, Inc. is pleased to announce CT Communications of Urbana, Ohio has selected Axiros Advanced RDM & Performance Test Services for its Internet & Network Solutions services.

Featuring a managed solution including Axiros AXESS and AXTRACT software, together with the AX BBT Broadband Test Service for performance testing as required by regulatory agencies involved with CAF, RDOF and BEAD programs, the solution selected by CT Communications is considered by many to be the gold standard for provisioning, management, testing and monitoring of multivendor network CPE devices utilizing standards such as TR-069 and TR-369 (USP).

“Our high-speed Internet service and telephone services are part of an ongoing 120-year tradition of providing service excellence to our customers,” stated CT Communications President and General Manager Tim Bolander. “After thorough evaluation of the automated provisioning, proactive monitoring and performance testing used for FCC compliance, we selected Axiros as the successor and upgrade from our previous solution. We now have the ability to utilize USP, standardize performance monitoring across a wide range of CPE regardless of manufacturer, and customize our roles-based interfaces based on the needs of our company now, and in the future.”

The Axiros RDM SaaS Services Program for North America integrates world-class management and monitoring with the ability to perform critical multiprotocol operations so operators of all sizes can utilize zero-touch provisioning, mass operations for proactive network management, monitoring of critical performance metrics and service optimization. Dedicated to industry certified and open standards, Axiros solutions allow Broadband Service Providers (BSPs), including ISPs and CSPs of all types and sizes, to maintain control of CPE and access network hardware suppliers. This empowers operators with the freedom to avoid anti-competitive walled garden and hardware-biased software.

“Allowing our customers to exercise freedom of hardware suppliers is one of the appealing aspects of Axiros solutions,” stated Michael Shaw, Chief Executive Officer of Axiros North America, Inc. “We are well known among operators around the world for the reliability and ongoing capabilities of our software.  In North America we are also proud to contribute FCC testing  and managed software solutions which utilize standards-based protocols so our customers can buy and use the most suitable CPE or access network hardware. Managing capital and operational expenses are important to our customers, and providing software solutions that do not discriminate based on the manufacturer’s name allows them the freedom to make great decisions based on merit, technology and requirements which may evolve or change over time.”

Press Release

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