We first reported about Verizon’s ‘experiment’ of services back in June 2008. That experiment is apparently expanding. Light Reading reports that . Several more AT&T incumbent Texas communities will soon be able to choose Verizon FiOS.

If you follow telecom, you know that this development is somewhat unprecedented. Outside of wireless, we’ve never really seen two ‘brethren’ bell companies compete with each other. It’s led to all kinds of speculation and opinion as to what’s going on here. Is this an isolated case, or a precursor to an expanded battle between the two largest telcos in North America? For me (for some strange reason), this development conjures up some sort of conspiracy theory. Is it a calculated move by Verizon (maybe with AT&T’s subtle blessing) to demonstrate competitive precedence between two major incumbents? Precedence that either could leverage with state and/or federal regulators for some benefit/gain. Crazy idea? Maybe. Time will tell. What’s your opinion? Add it below in the comments section.