Exec: AT&T Landline Texting Can Help CSRs Multi-Task

AT&T is using a cloud approach to support a landline-to-mobile text capability launched yesterday. The company is positioning the offering, dubbed AT&T Landline Texting, as a more convenient and efficient way for businesses to communicate with customers, explained Igor Glubochansky, AT&T executive director of Advanced...Learn More

Nearly Half of U.S. Households are Now Wireless Only Households, But 60% May be More Accurate Number

The latest data from the Centers for Disease Control paints the picture of a growing mobile first society in the U.S., with nearly half (45.4%) of U.S. households wireless only. The data comes from the CDC’s July – December 2014 National Health Interview Survey (NHIS)....Learn More

Report: Poor Indoor Cellphone Reception Keeps Landlines Alive

Whether it’s choppy voice communications or missed calls, poor indoor cell phone reception prompts 18 percent of survey respondents to keep a landline according to market research commissioned by zBoost, a subsidiary of Wilson Electronics that specializes in providing cellular signal boosting technology. Commissioned by...Learn More

AT&T Quietly Launches Wireless-Based Landline Replacement Service

AT&T has quietly launched a home phone service that uses wireless communications. The offering, dubbed A&T Wireless Home Phone, became available in late July in “select domestic markets where we do not offer traditional landline service,” an AT&T spokesman told Telecompetitor today. The company joins...Learn More

C Spire Offers Wireline Replacement Service with Home Phone Connect

Regional wireless carrier C Spire is the latest wireless carrier to target traditional home phone service by marketing a wireless replacement for wireline service. C Spire’s Home Phone Connect offers an unlimited local and long distance plan using wireless facilities for $20/month, with a two...Learn More

Report: 6 Million U.S. Homes Have Cut the Broadband Cord for Wireless Only

The cord cutting trend has usually been associated with home phone service and/or pay TV service, where consumers disconnect these monthly subscription services in favor of wireless only or OTT video alternatives. But as Strategy Analytics points out, cord cutting can also be associated with...Learn More

Pew: Smartphones Fueling Wireless Broadband Substitution?

We most often hear of wireless substitution in connection with voice service. But as a new Pew Internet Project report  reminds us, it’s happening in connection with Internet service as well. A quarter of smartphone owners in a recent Pew survey said they mostly go...Learn More

CDC: Wireless Only Homes at 25 Percent

Close to 24% of adults and 27.5% of children in the US were living in wireless-only households from July 2009 to June 2010, according to information collected primarily from the latest  CDC National Center for Health Statistics Report .  The percentage increases varied widely across...Learn More

Verizon’s Home Phone Connect Latest Assault on Wireline, Expect More

Verizon Wireless is beginning to market a wireline voice replacement product, Home Phone Connect, which allows customers to port their home phone number to Verizon Wireless. With Home Phone Connect, subscribers connect their home phones directly to the Home Phone Connect device, and bypass the...Learn More

CDC: Wireless Only Homes Now Outnumber Wireline for Adults 25-29

More than one in four–26.6%–of American households relied solely on wireless telephony for voice communications as of this year’s first half, a 2.1% increase from a year ago, according to indications from the National Health Interview Survey (NHIS). One in every six–15.9%–received all or nearly...Learn More

Wireless Only Homes Now at 25%

One of every four U.S. homes–24.5%–did not have a landline but did have at least one wireless telephone during the second half of 2009 according to preliminary results of the National Health Interview Survey, July-December, a 1.8% increase over 2009’s first six months and a...Learn More

Sprint Launches WiMAX Desktop Modem, Puts Pressure on DSL

Run Your Home and Office at 4G Speed Take your home and business connectivity to the next level with the Sprint 4G Desktop Modem CPEi25150 by Motorola®. Simply connect the Sprint 4G Desktop Modem to your computer or router/Wi-Fi device to access blazingly fast speeds...Learn More

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