On-line Video Habits: Survey Finds Preference for On-Demand Viewing

Online video professionals in North America and Europe prefer to use a variety of devices when consuming media and they’re “equally concerned with pricing in CDN (content-delivery networks) service models as with the need to maintain multi-screen delivery to existing and emerging media consumption devices,”...Learn More

DISH-Netflix Integration Illustrates Growing Influence of Netflix

DISH Network is the latest, and largest to date, video service provider to integrate Netflix into their channel line-up. Other service providers have also made this move, but until now, it’s been limited to regional cable MSOs who use the TiVo or ARRIS STB platforms....Learn More

comScore: Nearly 4 in 10 Households Subscribe to Pay-OTT Digital Video

U.S. Internet users 18-34 years old – aka Millennials – spend one-third of their original TV series consumption time watching on digital platforms, primarily tablets and PCs, according to comScore’s “The U.S. Total Video Report.” Seeking to measure video viewing among U.S. Internet users across...Learn More

2014 Subscription OTT Video Revenue Estimated at $5.8 Billion

Having experienced phenomenal growth in recent years, subscription OTT video revenue will rise from $5.8 billion this year to just over $10 billion in 2018, Infonetics Research forecasts. Globally, revenue for the Pay-TV market as a whole rose 3.9 percent in 1H 2014, a year-over-year...Learn More

Two Missouri Providers Move to APMAX IPTV Middleware

November 19, 2014 — Green City & Macon, MO – Lower scalable maintenance costs and simplicity of use for administrators and consumers motivated two Missouri communications providers to switch their IPTV Middleware solution to the APMAX hardware platform. One of the companies making the switch...Learn More

Average Household Bandwidth Needs Forecast to Rise 31% Per Year

Average household bandwidth requirements will increase 31 percent annually over the next five years as Internet users consume more high-bandwidth content and connect more often and for longer periods of time using a greater variety of devices, from personal computers and tablets to smartphones, digital...Learn More

TNS: Propensity to Upgrade Pay TV Subscription Rises with OTT Video Use

As well as posing a long-term competitive threat, the rising tide of over-the-top (OTT) alternatives to pay-TV programming may be providing benefits to pay-TV service providers, according to new market research from TNS. “The quantity and diversity of video content entering the home via paid...Learn More

Reasons for Video Cord Cutting May Be Different Than for “Cord-Nevers”

The recent decisions by HBO and CBS to launch their own branded over the top video streaming services naturally have refocused questions about when OTT services will start to challenge the linear video business model in a significant way. Opinions differ, as the decline of...Learn More

Adobe Finds Growth in Online TV Viewing of 388% in One Year

Online TV consumption across connected devices has rocketed 388-percent higher year-over-year in 2014 as more people watched more TV online than ever before. Video game consoles and over-the-top (OTT) devices, moreover, now account for 10 percent of overall online TV viewing, according to Adobe’s latest...Learn More

OTT Video Adoption: Why the Inflection Point Matters

As a rule, major transitions in technology and revenue models are slower to develop than most predict. In other words, when looking at the transition from linear TV to online TV, or the business impact of any major new technology, the amount of change tends...Learn More

TiVo: Percent of TV Viewers Multitasking Hits 94%

Excerpts from TiVo’s “Second Annual TiVo Multitasking and Social TV Survey” reveal that TV viewers are doing a lot more multitasking while watching TV. Just over half (51 percent) of TiVo’s 856 survey respondents said they multitask every time or almost every time they watch...Learn More

CBS OTT Channel, CBS All Access, Includes Live TV From Local Affiliates

Add CBS to the growing list of traditional media companies who are now embracing OTT distribution of their content. CBS All Access is a new subscription based OTT offer that features live and on-demand programming. Included in the offer is a live feed of the...Learn More