DISH’s Pocket-Sized HopperGO Lets Customers Take DVR on the Road

May 26, 2016  — ENGLEWOOD, Colo.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–DISH’s HopperGOTM, a revolutionary new personal mobile video drive, today debuted to customers nationwide for $99. The 64 GB, rechargeable battery-powered device gives customers the ability to securely transfer up to 100 hours of recorded TV shows and movies...Learn More

Report: First Ever Drop in Streaming Video Spending Growth

The streaming video spending growth rate will see its first ever decline between 2015 and 2016, according to Strategy Analytics, which forecasts U.S. consumers will spend $6.62 billion on video streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime and Hulu, this year. If realized, the forecast...Learn More

Frontier Purchase of Verizon Lines Experiences Challenges, Victories

The Frontier purchase of Verizon lines in three states faced some unexpected challenges after the deal was completed last month, but those challenges were minimal compared to what the company faced with some previous acquisitions, said Frontier CEO Dan McCarthy today. “It has gone better...Learn More

Survey: Netflix Popularity Twice That Of TV Among OTT Users

Streaming TV shows via Netflix is more popular than traditional ¨live¨ TV watching, at least among those who have been ¨exposed¨ to streaming via the Internet according to a new national Netflix popularity survey conducted by E-Poll Market Research. Survey respondents preferred streaming TV shows...Learn More

Survey: Most Popular TV Content Comes From Big 4 Networks

The anticipated demise of traditional TV broadcasting is greatly exaggerated according to TiVo, which in March sought to determine the most popular TV content sources by carrying out panel-based market research. The ¨Big 4¨ television networks took the top four places when TiVo asked panel...Learn More

Video Streaming Habits: 65% of TV OTT Viewing is Spent Using Subscription VOD

Subscription, transactional or free streaming video services account for 42% of the time that adult video streamers spend in front of television screens at home, according to new video streaming habits research from Adobe Primetime and The Diffusion Group (TDG). Subscription Video On Demand (SVOD)...Learn More

Netflix Subscriber Growth: 6.7 Million Year-Over-Year

Netflix subscriber growth continues its upward path. The company added 6.74 million subscribers year-over-year in 1Q 2016, bringing total paid memberships to more than 81.5 million. U.S. membership increased a greater than expected 2.23 million as compared to 2.28 million a year ago. International memberships...Learn More

Study: Cord Cutting in Rural Markets Has Less Appeal

Cord cutting in rural markets is not happening as quickly as in urban and suburban areas, and rural residents aren’t dissatisfied with, or cutting the cord on their pay-TV services for the same reasons, according to a new rural video survey commissioned by Innovative Systems....Learn More

Starz Goes OTT with New Subscription Streaming App

Starz is the latest premium cable network to go direct to consumers with a new OTT subscription streaming app. Starz joins HBO and Showtime who launched their OTT subscription streaming apps last year. All are targeting cord cutters and so called ‘broadband-only’ homes with these...Learn More

AT&T to Launch Fullscreen SVOD Service

LOS ANGELES, Calif.—March 30, 2016—Global media company Fullscreen announced plans today to launch an ad-free SVOD service, the world’s first video membership experience programmed for the social-first generation. Debuting internationally on April 26, the eponymous service fullscreen will be anchored by a robust programming slate...Learn More

Binge Watching Survey: Nearly One-Third Binge Weekly

Nearly half of all Americans subscribe to streaming video services — and they’re taking to binge watching with fervor, according to a binge watching survey from Deloitte. Seven in 10 U.S. consumers watch an average of five episodes at a time, and nearly 1/3 binge...Learn More

Netflix Throttling: What (If Anything) Will the FCC Do?

Just when disputes between broadband providers and content providers about content delivery and Net Neutrality seemed to be over, along came the revelation late last week about Netflix throttling of traffic to wireless customers of AT&T and Verizon. Netflix admitted the practice in response to...Learn More