ACSI: Fios Tops in ISP Customer Satisfaction But That’s Not Saying Much

Internet service providers (ISPs) are performing worse than ever in terms of customer expectations, according to a new ISP customer satisfaction study from the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI). Specifically, ISPs had a 62 satisfaction score out of 100, down 3.1% from the previous report....Learn More

ACSI: Video Customer Satisfaction Higher for Streaming Services Than Linear TV

Video streaming services scored a 75 out of 100 for video customer satisfaction in their inaugural appearance on the American Customer Satisfaction Index’s (ACSI) Telecommunications Report, far outdistancing subscription TV’s score of 62. Subscription TV’s score was down 3.1% from last year. “Video streaming services...Learn More

Verizon CEO: Linear TV Model is Dead, We’re Looking for an OTT Partner to Bundle with 5G

Verizon Chairman and CEO Lowell McAdam shed some light on their video strategy for 5G and it involves partnering with an existing OTT player. But which player? McAdam made it perfectly clear that Verizon has no intention of developing their own OTT video offer, but...Learn More

Verizon and Partners Test Mobile CBRS on Live Network in Florida, Achieve 790 Mbps Peak Speed

Verizon, Ericsson, Federated Wireless and Qualcomm Technologies said they have tested Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS) in a live commercial network in Florida. CBRS is shared spectrum in the 3.5 GHz band, a portion of which already has been freed up for unlicensed use on...Learn More

What Verizon Has Learned About Fixed 5G – And How It Will Benefit Mobile

Ongoing Verizon fixed 5G trials continue to teach the company more “every day” about 5G technology, said Verizon CTO, Executive Vice President and President of Global Networks Hans Vestberg at an investor conference today. In a question-and-answer session, Vestberg explained why Verizon’s 5G coverage estimates...Learn More

Verizon Touts 5G Business Cases Through Alley 5G Incubator

There is considerable hype regarding 5G these days and a common dissenting view is the apparent lack of true 5G business cases. Some argue 5G hype is overblown and it’s simply a faster version of 4G, with questionable business cases to support the investment required....Learn More

Exec: ThingSpace Plays a Key Role in Supporting Verizon Global IoT Connectivity

When Verizon ThingSpace was launched in October 2015, the company called it a “self-service web interface” that would allow users to “manage their Internet of Things (IoT) environments” and would give developers the ability to build IoT solutions using Verizon’s “extensive capabilities and innovation resources.”...Learn More

FCC Certifies Samsung Fixed 5G Router, Paving Way for Verizon Fixed 5G Launch

Verizon moved a step closer to meeting its target date to begin offering fixed 5G wireless service with the news late last week that Samsung’s indoor fixed 5G router has received FCC certification. While not formally confirmed by Verizon, a Samsung spokesperson confirmed that the...Learn More

Report Declares Comcast Quad Play ‘Firmly Rooted,’ With Verizon Being the Biggest Loser

Xfinity mobile’s pricing strategy is stealing customers from all major carriers, according to a new study from Market Strategies International, which also declares the Comcast quad play “firmly rooted,” thanks to Xfinity mobile. The new report finds that almost 60% of current Xfinity mobile customers...Learn More

Verizon, Cisco and Juniper Networks Bring SDN Functionality to the Edge

Verizon, Cisco and Juniper Networks are using software-defined networking to simplify and increase functionality at the edge of the carrier’s network. The Verizon Cisco Juniper SDN project focuses on combining service edge routers for Ethernet and IP-based services into a single platform. “By decoupling the...Learn More

T-Mobile Sprint: Unlike AT&T and Verizon, We Could Quickly Do Nationwide 5G

If T-Mobile Sprint merger plans are approved by regulators, the merged company would have the network capacity required to quickly create a “broad and deep” 5G nationwide network in “the critical first years of the 5G innovation cycle,” said T-Mobile and Sprint in announcing their...Learn More

Verizon Leans on IoT Growth, Fios Broadband to Maintain Revenue Growth in 1Q18

Verizon today reported first-quarter 2018 results highlighted by consolidated revenue growth and strong Verizon Wireless customer loyalty. Verizon revenues were up 6% over the same period last year. For first-quarter 2018, Verizon reported EPS of $1.11, compared with 84 cents in first-quarter 2017. On an...Learn More

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