Verizon Skyward Acquisition Could Support Rate Plans for Drones

Verizon announced this morning that Verizon Ventures, its venture capital group, has acquired Portland, Oregon-based unmanned aerial vehicle systems (UAV, aka drone) specialist Skyward for an undisclosed amount. Skyward specializes in  operations management for drones, and the Verizon Skyward acquisition could help Verizon in provisioning...Learn More

Fiber Vs. Fixed 5G Report: Fiber More Economical in Rural Areas

Fixed 5G wireless is not a substitute for wireline broadband, argues telecom engineering and consulting firm Vantage Point Solutions in a technical paper filed with the FCC by NTCA – The Rural Broadband Association. Broadband delivery methods based on fiber to the premises (FTTP) generally...Learn More

Verizon Relents, Introduces Verizon Unlimited Plan

In what may well be the latest example of ‘if you can’t beat them, join them,’ Verizon will launch a Verizon unlimited data plan on Monday February 13th. Verizon joins T-Mobile and Sprint, who have used unlimited data plans very effectively as a clear differentiator...Learn More

Verizon Exec Outlines Digital Transformation Revenue Opportunities for Carriers

Major enterprises today are embracing the concept of digital transformation in much the same way that they embraced the concept of virtualization a few years ago. The goal is to use the cloud, mobility and other advanced technologies to transform business processes to gain a...Learn More

3GPP 5G Logo Launched

3GPP introduced a new logo in anticipation of the completion and industry-wide adoption of its next-generation 5G mobile broadband technical specification. To be used for technology beginning with 3GPP 5G Release 15 onward, the new logo includes plain black text, a new textured wave pattern...Learn More

In Pursuit of 5G Spectrum, Verizon XO Purchase Closes

The Verizon XO purchase closed yesterday, giving Verizon access to valuable ultra-high-frequency 5G spectrum as well as XO’s fiber assets. The move came just one day after AT&T said it had acquired Fiber Tower, a company that calls itself a “provider of spectrum and fixed...Learn More

Up to $170 Million New York Connect America Funding to be Awarded by the State

The state of New York, rather than the FCC, will award up to $170 million in broadband Connect America funding to network operators to help cover the cost of bringing broadband to areas of the state where broadband is not available today. The funding, originally...Learn More

Verizon Charter Merger Being Explored, Charter Stock Pops 10%

A Verizon Charter merger has been the subject of rumors for a few weeks now, but news today from Dow Jones/Wall Street Journal is heating it up substantially. A developing story says Verizon is seriously considering the deal, although nothing is imminent and the deal...Learn More

Verizon Connected Grocery Store Project Illustrates Service Provider Digital Transformation Opportunities

News this week from Verizon and retailer Ahold USA offers an example of the sort of opportunities that may be in store for communications service providers as enterprises get serious about what has come to be known as “digital transformation.” As research and consulting firm...Learn More

An Examination of Apparent Disappointing 600 MHz Auction Results

With the 600 MHz auction results expected soon, it’s becoming increasingly clear that those results are likely to be disappointing. More and more industry observers are predicting that prices will be considerably lower than many initially expected — and lower they were in the 2015...Learn More

My Fios App Ties to Facebook Messenger, Diagnoses Wi-Fi Performance

Verizon introduced a new, redesigned My Fios App Jan. 17, one that makes use of Facebook Messenger as a customer service and engagement tool and enables customers to further and more easily improve their home Wi-Fi network performance, according to a news release. Now available...Learn More

Straight Path to Return 5G Licenses to FCC in $100 Million Spectrum Squatting Settlement

Straight Path Communications has agreed to a spectrum squatting settlement with the FCC valued at more than $100 million. The company, which calls itself an “intangible asset monetization company,” specializes in “maximizing the value of assets such as microwave bandwidth licenses.” The settlement resolves an...Learn More