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FCC: E-Rate Reforms Could Bring Wi-Fi to Every Student in Five Years

The FCC estimates that 10.5 million students per year could gain Internet connectivity inside their schools if the commission moves ahead with E-Rate reforms outlined in July. Within five years, all U.S. schools would have internal Internet connectivity, the FCC says. The E-Rate program is...Learn More

Windstream CFO Offers Rural Telecom Providers “Elegant Exit” Option

Small telecom service providers and cable companies could have an “elegant exit strategy” by selling their network assets to the real estate investment trust that Windstream plans to spin off, said Windstream Chief Financial Officer Tony Thomas today. Thomas, who will be the CEO of...Learn More

RUS Broadband Loan Awards Made to Three Rural Telcos

The Rural Utilities Service has awarded nearly $40 million in broadband loans to support new or improved broadband service. The program, administered by the U.S. Department of Agriculture,  provides low-interest loans to bring broadband to rural areas where deployment costs are higher than in urban...Learn More

Comcast Internet Essentials Low-Income Broadband Offers Amnesty on Past Due Balances

An announcement today from Comcast highlights a broadband adoption challenge that may have been previously overlooked. The company said it will make its Internet Essentials low-income broadband service available to people who previously were not able to receive the service because they had past due...Learn More

Telergee: Rural Telco Financials See Flat Revenues and Declining Margins

The typical small rural telco financials saw margins decrease about 3% between 2012 and 2013 as their revenue mix shifted toward non-regulated lines of business, according to the 2014 Telergee Alliance Benchmarking Study. Telergee is an alliance of accounting firms specializing in rural telecom. The...Learn More

FCC Proposes Model-Based CAF for Rate-of-Return Carriers

The FCC wants rate-of-return telecom companies to transition to model-based support as today’s voice-focused high-cost Universal Service Fund is phased out and converted to a broadband-focused Connect America Fund program. Small rural ROR companies today receive USF support based on how their actual costs compare...Learn More

USF Strike Force Established to Crack Down on Fraud and Abuse

The FCC has created what it is calling a “USF strike force” that will be “dedicated to combatting waste, fraud and abuse” in the Universal Service Fund. Neither the move nor its timing are surprising, considering that the commission is counting on freeing up USF...Learn More

FCC Reveals Rural Broadband Trial Plans, Reforms E-Rate

The budget for FCC rural broadband trials announced in January has been set at $100 million and the commission expects to award funding by year-end, officials said at today’s FCC meeting, where selection criteria for the rural broadband trials also were adopted. The commission also...Learn More

NTCA Finds Fast Rural School Broadband

It appears that the rural-rural broadband gap applies to schools as well as the broader Internet marketplace. That seems the best explanation for two substantially different measurements of average school bandwidth in surveys conducted by NTCA- The Rural Broadband Association and EducationSuperHighway, an advocacy organization...Learn More

FCC Releases Details About Universal Service Reforms

The FCC today released a 200-page document providing details about Universal Service reforms adopted back in April. Among other things, these reforms eliminate the use of quantile regression analysis to limit Universal Service Fund (USF) support. They establish a new rate floor.  And they establish...Learn More

Appeals Court Rejects Connect America Fund Challenges

Small rural telecommunications service providers experienced a setback Friday when an appeals court upheld Federal Communications Commission authority to transition today’s voice-focused Universal Service program to a broadband-focused Connect America Fund (CAF) and to reform the inter-carrier compensation system. Connect America Fund Challenges Several parties...Learn More

FCC E-Rate Modernization Workshop: $750 Per Gigabit Target Suggested

Schools and libraries nationwide should be able to get gigabit connectivity to their service provider’s central office for an average of $750 per gigabit per month, said Evan Maxwell, CEO of Education SuperHighway, at an FCC workshop yesterday about E-rate modernization. The E-rate program is...Learn More