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CAF Broadband Support for Rural Carriers Could Vary Based on Density

Small rate-of-return communications service providers with less than 10 locations per square mile would have more time to build out high-speed broadband in comparison with service providers serving denser areas, according to USF reform recommendations made by telecom association ITTA, which represents mid-size service providers. ITTA...Learn More

School Broadband Report: 23% of Schools Lack Fast Broadband

Higher-speed Internet access has been provided to an additional 20 million U.S. K-12 students over the past two years, according to EducationSuperHighway, a non-profit organization dedicated to upgrading Internet access in every public school classroom in the nation. Looking ahead to further progress in its...Learn More

Appropriate Universal Service Expenses: FCC Chides Rural Carriers

“All Universal Service high-cost support recipients are reminded that support must be used for its intended purpose,” chided the FCC in the headline of a public notice released yesterday. In the three-page public notice, the commission noted that it intends to take further action to...Learn More

LEAP Broadband Library Program Targets Five States

Five states will take part in a two-year initiative launched this week that aims to develop strategies to increase broadband capacity to local libraries. The Library E-rate Assessment Planning (LEAP) initiative, spearheaded by the American Library Association and the Chief Officers of State Library Agencies...Learn More

Commissioner O’Rielly: In the Unlikely Event there is a CAF Mobility Fund…

If the FCC were to create a mobility fund as it converts today’s voice-focused high-cost Universal Service program into a broadband-focused Connect America Fund program, that fund most likely would not look like “anything previously envisioned,” said FCC Commissioner Michael O’Rielly today. O’Rielly made his...Learn More

FCC Chairman Wheeler: USF Reform Cannot be Perfect

FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler offered a keynote address yesterday at the NTCA 2015 Fall Conference, taking place in Boston. Wheeler invoked Boston’s revolutionary history as a backdrop for the shift to broadband and IP services currently underway in the telecom industry and the need for...Learn More

CAF Auction: At Least $1 Billion Up for Grabs

At least one billion dollars should be available to carriers interested in bidding in the upcoming Connect America Fund reverse auction, according to an analysis made by Telecompetitor based on data provided by the FCC. Earlier this year the FCC offered the nation’s largest price...Learn More

EVP: Frontier Video Launch Planned This Year

Frontier Communications expects to begin offering a “linear video” service this year, said John Jureller, Frontier executive vice president and chief financial officer, at the Goldman Sachs 24th Annual Communacopia Conference yesterday. The event, which took place in New York City, was also webcast. Advances in...Learn More

FCC’s O’Rielly Warns Rural Carriers Not to Expect CAF Mobility Fund

Rural wireless carriers should take note of a speech that FCC Commissioner Michael O’Rielly made in an address to the Rural Wireless Association Friday. O’Rielly strongly suggested that as the FCC converts the traditional voice-focused high-cost Universal Service Fund into a broadband-focused Connect America Fund,...Learn More

Rural Telcos: Too Small to Fail?

We’re all familiar with the term “too big to fail,” which generally refers to large corporations or organizations that are so large and intertwined within an industry, their failure would be catastrophic to that industry and/or the overall economy. The recent economic downturn featured many...Learn More

Rural Telecom Diversification: Telergee Plots What Works, What Doesn’t

A typical small rural telco gets less than half of its revenue from end users, according to financial data collected by the Telergee Alliance – a group of accounting firms that specialize in rural telecom. On average, small rural telcos get about 45.2% of revenues...Learn More

Telergee: Rural Telecom Margins Decline, But Network Investment Increases

Declining margins are an ongoing issue for small rural telcos, as new data from the Telergee Alliance of accounting firms reminds us. The average small telco saw margins drop 1.7% between 2013 and 2014, despite a 2.1% increase in average revenues, according to the 2015...Learn More