Comcast Business VoiceEdge Adds Award-Winning One-Click Audio Conferencing App

Mar 12, 2018 — PHILADELPHIA, PA — Comcast Business today introduced Comcast Business VoiceEdge™ Conferencing, an award-winning enhancement to its cloud-based phone service, Comcast Business VoiceEdge, which simplifies the way conference calls are initiated, joined and managed. The new Audio Conferencing application allows end-users to initiate an audio...Learn More

Volvo Brings In-Vehicle UC, First to Incorporate Skype for Business in Cars

Volvo Cars announced last week it will put Skype for Business in cars — specifically the Volvo 90 Series line. The announcement marks the first instance of an automaker announcing commercial introduction of an in-car productivity tool, according to a news release. The app will...Learn More

Enterprise Unified Communications Survey: One Third Doubt Infrastructure Can Handle Traffic

More than one-third of the senior U.S. IT decision-makers in an enterprise unified communications survey don’t believe their organizations’ infrastructure is up to the task of managing anticipated volumes of network traffic. The survey was conducted by UC and contact center specialist IR (Integrated Research,...Learn More

Business UC Survey Finds Remote User Challenges

Attempts by businesses to extend Unified Communications (UC) platforms to incorporate remote and mobile employees are suffering from a lack of insight, according to a new business UC survey from Dell. A lack of visibility into UC usage is exposing organizations to new risks and...Learn More

With New Skype for Business, Microsoft Set to Compete With Hosted PBX, UC

News from Microsoft illustrates a changing competitive environment. In this environment, a software company like Microsoft can more easily compete with a telecom carrier for hosted PBX or unified communications (UC) services. And that’s exactly what Microsoft intends to do with the new Skype for...Learn More

With the fring Alliance, Genband Hopes to Empower Carriers to Play in OTT World

Over-the-Top (OTT) services like Skype, Viber, WhatsApp and others have long ridden communications service providers’ (CSPs) networks to reach end consumers with interactive communications applications. In so doing, they have cut into CSPs’ profits by lowering usage for text messaging, voice calls, conference calling, and...Learn More

Report: International Skype Traffic Soars As Phone Volumes Stagnate

International telephone traffic from fixed line and mobile phones is growing, but international Skype call traffic is soaring, according to the latest from TeleGeography. While international fixed-line and mobile phone call traffic rose an estimated 7% in 2013, to 547 billion minutes, international Skype-to-Skype traffic...Learn More

3D Calling? Skype is on the Case

The technology behind 3D has seen its share of fits and starts. 3DTV is struggling with low sales and some high profile 3D networks like ESPN 3D shutting down. But 3D printing seems to be building significant momentum. The latest 3D effort is in communications...Learn More

Report: Mobile VoIP Users Up 550%, But Annual ARPU is $7.13

The number of over-the-top (OTT) mobile VoIP subscribers more than quintupled worldwide in 2012, rising 550% to more than 640 million, according to Infonetics Research.  Service operators aren’t making much money, however: average revenue per user (ARPU) totaled just $7.13 annually, the research firm said....Learn More

Skype Registers 2 Billion Minutes of Use Daily

The FCC recently released a report on Universal Service which also included statistics on minutes of use (MOUs) for switched access across the PSTN. The data revealed that MOUs on the PSTN are down considerably to about 200 billion in 2011, from a peak of...Learn More

Alternative Providers Pushing Telcos Out of International Voice Calling

International telephone traffic rose 5% in 2012, to 490 billion minutes, while international traffic from Internet voice and messaging services such as Skype continued “to increase at a stunning pace,” putting telcos at risk of losing the predominant place they’ve held since the invention of...Learn More

Hey Rural Telcos – It’s Time to Call it Quits on POTS

Like all sectors within the telecom industry, the rural telecom industry is in the midst of significant transition. Both the technology and the business models it enables are changing, and rapidly. Telecom carriers of all sizes are rethinking their business and trying to build a...Learn More

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