Rural Broadband Zone

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FCC Low-Income Broadband Pilot Results Released

If low-income people don’t subscribe to broadband is it because the cost of service is too high? Or is it related more to the cost of a wired or wireless device? Or do these people simply not understand broadband and its benefits – a situation...Learn More

White Spaces Manufacturer to Tap Crowdfunding for Next Generation Devices

White spaces broadband equipment manufacturer Carlson Wireless aims to use crowdfunding to build the next generation of its equipment. An informational page about Carlson on the Crowdfunder site indicates that the company hopes to raise $5 million within the next 135 days. The company also is using...Learn More

Verizon Rural LTE Program Now Reaches 2.5 Million People

It’s hard to believe it’s been five years since we first heard about Verizon’s LTE in Rural America program, which gives small rural network operators the ability to build out Verizon spectrum in areas where Verizon is not doing a build-out. In a blog post,...Learn More

GVTC: Growth in Faster Broadband Tiers Helps Broadband Subscribers to Surpass Telephone Subs

Like many legacy telephone companies, regional provider GVTC sees themselves as a broadband carrier first these days. For GVTC, the facts now confirm their view. For the first time, GVTC now counts more broadband subscribers than telephone subscribers, a trend that will soon be true...Learn More

Unique Event Launches FTC Alabama Gigabit Service

When Alabama-based Farmers Telecommunications Cooperative launched gigabit service earlier this year, the company thought of a unique way to promote and celebrate the accomplishment. The first home to get gigabit service turned up was the same one to which FTC first turned up phone service...Learn More

FCC’s O’Rielly: Stand-Alone Broadband in the Works

The FCC appears serious about changing the rules of the Universal Service/ Connect America Fund to allow rural carriers to collect funding to support lines that are used only to deliver broadband service, rather than requiring voice to also be part of the offering. Stand-alone...Learn More

Florida ISP Uses Dark Fiber to Boost Bandwidth, Lower Costs

Florida-based Internet service provider Joytel expects to expand service and offer higher bandwidth and better pricing as the result of an agreement with Allied Fiber – the company that set out several years ago to build a nationwide dark fiber network and now has completed the portion...Learn More

Broadband Provider Associations Seek Stay of Title II Decision on Broadband

Five associations representing broadband service providers in two separate filings on Friday asked the FCC to stay its decision to reclassify broadband as a Title II telecommunications service. One filing came from the American Cable Association and the National Cable & Telecommunications Association. The other...Learn More

Verizon Rural Call Completion Hotline Launched in FCC Compliance Plan

Rural telcos that have problems with calls not going through to their customers from Verizon customers now have a hot line to call at Verizon. In addition, Verizon plans to award $30,000 to $50,000 for an academic study on methods to determine and resolve rural...Learn More

FCC Offers $1.7B for Broadband Connect America Fund, $411 Avg Per Line

The FCC late yesterday offered the nation’s largest price cap telcos $1.7 billion annually for six years to bring broadband to parts of their service territories where broadband is not available today. Funding offered averages just over $400 per line annually ($411). The commission made...Learn More

America’s Best Communities: 50 Communities Awarded $50,000 Each

Fifty communities in 22 states will receive funding for economic development and will be paired with a mentor corporation through the America’s Best Communities program, organizers announced today. Each community will get $50,000 and the opportunity to compete for additional funding in later funding rounds....Learn More

Ritter/Fidelity Regional Fiber Network Eliminates Internet Middlemen

A new regional fiber network built by two small local telcos not only will bring higher-speed connectivity to communities in six states. It also should enhance users’ Internet experience in another way: It will minimize the number of carriers underlying users’ end-to-end Internet connection, which...Learn More