Rural Broadband Zone

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Report: U.S. High-Tech Jobs Average 30K per Congressional District

The high-tech economy plays an important role in every U.S. Congressional district, including providing an average of nearly 30,000 jobs per congressional district, according to new research about U.S. high-tech jobs from the Information Technology & Innovation Foundation. “The U.S. economy is extremely diverse, and...Learn More

USTelecom, NTCA Ask FCC for More A-CAM Universal Service Funding

Two key telecom associations – USTelecom and NTCA—The Rural Broadband Association – have asked the FCC for additional Universal Service funding. The requests come in the wake of the revelation that more rate-of-return carriers than anticipated had opted for A-CAM Universal Service funding based on...Learn More

Does Deletion of Agenda Items Signal Republican-Triggered FCC Freeze?

Don’t expect the FCC to make any major decisions for the remainder of President Obama’s term in office. As the nation gets set for a Republican administration, including anticipated Republican control of the FCC, commission chairman Tom Wheeler apparently has heeded calls from Republican lawmakers...Learn More

Facebook Millimeter Wave Broadband Wireless: 20 Gbps Over 8 Miles

Facebook has achieved broadband transmission of 20 Gbps over an eight-mile distance using millimeter wave technology, according to a Facebook blog post. The Facebook millimeter wave broadband wireless technology could be used for several different applications, eventually including connecting the company’s Aquila communications drones with...Learn More

FairPoint Broadband Coverage Extended to 18,300 Locations Across 50 Markets

A recently completed project extends FairPoint broadband coverage to 50 communities in their New England footprint. Extending the company’s fiber network some 17,000 miles, the FairPoint broadband service expansion brings high-speed Internet connectivity to some areas that have never had it before and/or raises network...Learn More

Consolidated Communications CEO: Our 100 Mbps Service Beats a Cable Competitor’s 300 Mbps Service

Although some tier two local exchange carriers have been seeing broadband declines, Consolidated Communications is seeing broadband growth. Bob Udell, president and CEO of the company, attributes Consolidated Communications broadband growth, in part, to the offering’s quality of service (QoS) capability. “Five to six years...Learn More

Could Increased Millimeter Wave Network Range for Wireless Broadband Offer Rural Applications?

A New York University (NYU) student research team pushed the envelope for millimeter wave network range in a recently conducted field test in rural southwest Virginia. Setting up a millimeter wave transmitter on the porch of the country home of their professor Ted Rappaport, the...Learn More

Lumos to Buy Clarity Communications, Mulls Regulated Wireline Divestiture

Lumos Networks, a Virginia based regional carrier, will buy Clarity Communications, a North Carolina based regional fiber network. The Clarity deal was announced the same day that Lumos alerted investors of its intention to explore a regulated wireline divestiture strategy that could potentially sell off...Learn More

$21.7 Million Fine Planned, Alleging USF FCC Rural Health Care Program Fraud

The FCC plans to fine telecom services reseller Network Services Solutions and its chief executive $21.7 million for apparent violations involving alleged FCC Rural Health Care program fraud, a program of the Universal Service Fund (USF). The fraud violation fine is the result of Network...Learn More

Carrier Elections of FCC A-CAM Model Based Broadband Support Exceed Budget by $1.6 Billion

The FCC is seeking input on what to do about a $1.6 billion budget shortfall for the broadband Connect America Fund program for rural rate-of-return carriers opting to transition to support based on a cost model developed by the FCC. The shortfall occurred because more...Learn More

GigUP South Carolina: 11 Carriers Collaborate on Gigabit

A good idea for small carriers pursuing gigabit networks comes from 11 carriers in South Carolina. The carriers, who already work together on the Spirit Communications statewide fiber network, have undertaken a new initiative dubbed GigUP South Carolina that aims to spur economic development through...Learn More

Small Town Gigabit Networks Planned in Oregon and Mississippi

This week brings two more announcements involving small town gigabit networks. One comes from LS Networks, a company formed by a consortium of electric cooperatives, which will offer broadband at speeds between 100 Mbps and 1 Gbps in rural Maupin, Oregon. The other announcement comes...Learn More