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FCC Releases Rural Broadband Experiment Details

Today, the Wireline Competition Bureau (Bureau) releases the application form for the rural broadband experiments, FCC Form 5610, and provides additional information to assist potential applicants in completing the application form. The Bureau also announces that a brief delay in the timing of the applications...Learn More

Viacom/ Suddenlink Dispute Brewing Over Price Hikes

Cable operator Suddenlink is warning customers that they could lose Viacom channels if the two companies cannot agree on what Suddenlink should pay to carry that programming. Viacom owns several popular cable channels, including Comedy Central, MTV, VH-1, Nickelodeon and others – as well as...Learn More

When Will We Need New TV White Spaces Standard?

A new IEEE standard designated 802.19.1 aims to fix what for now is a minor flaw in TV white spaces broadband technology, but which could become more problematic in the future as the technology is more widely deployed. When technologists figured out how to use...Learn More

NTCA Recognizes 2014 Smart Rural Community Showcase Award Winners

San Francisco, Calif. (September 22, 2014)—NTCA–The Rural Broadband Association, the premier national association representing nearly 900 independent, community-based telecommunications companies, today recognized 13 communities in rural areas of the United States and Canada that have earned the title Smart Rural Community Showcase Award winners as...Learn More

Telcos on Universal Service Reform: Contribution Base Must Be Addressed

Reforming how the Universal Service program is funded is critical at a time when a wide range of reforms have been made to how Universal Service funding is spent, said several telcos and telecom associations in comments filed with the House Energy & Commerce Committee...Learn More

FCC Rural Broadband Experiment Webinar Planned for September 29

The Wireline Competition Bureau (Bureau) announces that the Office of Management and Budget has approved the application form for parties interested in bidding on Connect America Fund support in the upcoming rural broadband experiments. As part of this process, applicants must complete FCC Form 5610,...Learn More

CAF Speed Target Could Create New Winners and Losers

Even as some urban Internet service providers are boosting high speed access speeds to a gigabit, while many competitors are raising speeds to 50 Mbps to 100 Mbps, rural ISPs might face a similar challenge in the near future, if not to the same degree....Learn More

Paul Bunyan Gigabit Service to Launch in Early 2015

Minnesota’s Paul Bunyan Communications is the latest rural telco to announce gigabit network plans. The company already has begun the deployment and expects to begin offering service in some of its service territory in early 2015, said Paul Bunyan Communications Marketing Supervisor Brian Bissonette in...Learn More

Rural Health Telecom Sees Rural IT Shortage

SAN ANTONIO, TX (Sept. 16, 2014) – Critical shortages of health care IT skillsets are creating health and economic disparities especially in rural America where residents are poorer, sicker and more likely to be uninsured and threaten sustainable health care across the country, Rural Health...Learn More

FCC: E-Rate Reforms Could Bring Wi-Fi to Every Student in Five Years

The FCC estimates that 10.5 million students per year could gain Internet connectivity inside their schools if the commission moves ahead with E-Rate reforms outlined in July. Within five years, all U.S. schools would have internal Internet connectivity, the FCC says. The E-Rate program is...Learn More

Windstream CFO Offers Rural Telecom Providers “Elegant Exit” Option

Small telecom service providers and cable companies could have an “elegant exit strategy” by selling their network assets to the real estate investment trust that Windstream plans to spin off, said Windstream Chief Financial Officer Tony Thomas today. Thomas, who will be the CEO of...Learn More

Buggs Island LTE Network to Use NetAmerica Bonfire Brand

Buggs Island Telephone Cooperative said late yesterday that it has turned up 4G LTE broadband service under NetAmerica’s Bonfire brand in parts of its rural Virginia service territory. A NetAmerica spokesperson confirmed that BIT, like all other NetAmerica participants that have operational LTE networks, is...Learn More