Rural Broadband Zone

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Huawei/ Far Lane Deal Targets Rural Broadband

A telecom veteran who has considerable experience in rural deployments has started a company to pursue opportunities to serve smaller operators deploying broadband. The company, known as Far Lane, is headed up by Bill Macfarlane, whose experience includes operating the Western Independent Networks fiber network...Learn More

Windstream Targets E-Rate Funding for WiFi

The FCC recently revised the USF E-Rate program, which helps fund telecommunications services for schools, to focus more on broadband, and WiFi specifically. Windstream has taken notice and is targeting E-rate funding for WiFi, with a managed WiFi service. The new E-Rate focus makes about...Learn More

Some Operators Deploying NFV and VoLTE in Unison

Wireless operators are getting serious about deploying voice over LTE (VoLTE) and network function virtualization (NFV), as a couple of new announcements illustrate. Perhaps not surprisingly, VoLTE looks to be where NFV initially may take root in carrier networks. Virtualized IP network provider Interop Technologies...Learn More

Minnesota Gains 10-Gigabit Broadband for Schools from Telco Group

Schools throughout a large part of northwestern Minnesota will be getting 10 gigabit broadband as the result of a cooperative effort between a school district consortium and a consortium of 18 small local telecom service providers. The initiative builds on a 13-year relationship between the...Learn More

Could Rural Spectrum Bill Trigger More Big-Carrier Programs?

Bi-partisan legislation introduced in the U.S. Senate yesterday has the potential to engender more partnerships between major wireless carriers and smaller rural wireless network operators. The legislation, to be known as the Rural Spectrum Accessibility Act, would give three-year extensions on spectrum licenses to wireless...Learn More

DSL: The New Dial-Up?

With the recent FCC definition of broadband changing to 25/3 Mbps, the impact on DSL based Internet services could be significant. Since potentially millions of DSL lines in the U.S. aren’t capable of 25/3 Mbps, by one definition, they are no longer broadband. Does that...Learn More

Indiana Fiber Network Plans 100 Gbps Upgrade

Indiana Fiber Network plans to upgrade its core fiber network to support speeds of 100 Gbps, matching and even exceeding the speeds of networks operated by some of the world’s largest carriers. IFN, operated by 20 local phone companies, provides high-speed transport service to enterprise...Learn More

What’s at Stake in Expected $10 Billion Verizon-Frontier Deal

Verizon and Frontier reportedly are close to announcing a deal for Verizon to sell part of its landline business in California, Texas and Florida to Frontier.  And as the industry awaits an official announcement, there has been a lot of speculation about which company has...Learn More

FCC Confirms Title II and Net Neutrality Plans, No USF Changes

The FCC confirmed today that it plans to vote later this month on an order that would reclassify broadband as a Title II or telecommunications service and impose strict Network Neutrality rules. In a blog post on the website of media outlet Wired, FCC Chairman...Learn More

Sckipio Achieves 200 Mbps Broadband Over 400 Meters

Broadband technology developer Sckipio said today that it has successfully demonstrated the ability of technology to support speeds up to 500 Mbps for 200 meters over traditional copper phone wiring. Alternatively the technology can support speeds of up to 200 Mbps over 400 meters....Learn More

FCC Set to Reverse Certain Anti-Municipal Broadband Legislation

Municipal broadband network operators in Tennessee and North Carolina could expand beyond their current service territories as the result of an order proposed by FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler. If adopted later this month as expected, the order could pave the way for operators in other...Learn More

Small AWS-3 License Winners Include Lots of Big Carriers

AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile and Dish Network were the big winners in the AWS-3 auction that closed this week, winning licenses not only for larger “economic areas” but also being among the largest winners of smaller “cellular market area” licenses. The CMA licenses were awarded in...Learn More