Rural Broadband Zone

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AT&T/DirecTV Approval Expected to Include Broadband Deployment Condition

AT&T may be required to commit to deploying higher-speed broadband to more rural customers and to offering stand-alone broadband as a condition of its acquisition of DirecTV, which could receive Justice and FCC approvals as soon as next week, according to news reports. According to...Learn More

FCC’s Pai: A One-Page Rule Change Could Enable Stand-Alone Broadband

The rule changes required to enable rural carriers to use Universal Service funding to support stand-alone broadband can fit on a single page, argued FCC Commissioner Ajit Pai in a statement released yesterday. To support his assertion, Pai included a single page appendix to his...Learn More

Wheeler Recommends Rural Auction Credits in 600 MHz Auction

Small rural companies bidding on spectrum in the upcoming auction of TV broadcast spectrum would have the opportunity to obtain 15% bidding credits if a proposal made by FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler last week is adopted by the commission. Wheeler’s proposal, which is circulating within...Learn More

Pew: Internet Penetration Reaches Saturation Levels – For Some

Internet penetration in the U.S. has reached saturation levels, at least for some groups, according to an analysis of 15 years of data collected by a Pew Research Center unit that has been tracking and studying Internet adoption and use in the U.S. since 2000....Learn More

VoIP Providers Will be Able to Secure their Own Phone Numbers

The FCC adopted an order yesterday that allows VoIP service providers direct access to the numbering pool for telephone numbers. VoIP providers historically had been relying on partners, primarily CLECs, to obtain telephone numbers used for their VoIP services. The details of the order have...Learn More

NTCA: Rural Fiber Deployments Fueling Dramatic Increases in Higher Speed Broadband Take Rates

NTCA-The Rural Broadband Association represents rural broadband carriers, most of whom have roots as rural telcos. Broadband carrier is probably a better descriptive term these days, as many those ‘telcos’ also count cable TV, wireless (fixed and mobile), and cloud services as a part of...Learn More

Windstream Bullish on VDSL2+ Bonding

Windstream has great hopes for VDSL2+ bonding technology, said Bob Gunderman, chief financial officer and treasurer for the company, yesterday at Barclay’s High Yield Bond & Syndicated Loan Conference, which was also webcast. Just over half (51%) of Windstream residential customers should be able to...Learn More

GCI Announces 2015 Upgrades in Rural Alaska

Anchorage, Alaska – This summer, General Communication, Inc. (GCI) (NASDAQ:GNCMA) will upgrade its networks in rural Alaska. These upgrades will support increasing demand for terrestrial broadband service and substantially improve mobile wireless service in numerous rural communities. First, GCI will increase the backbone capacity of...Learn More

“Two-Path” Connect America Fund for RoR Carriers Shaping Up

Representatives of five telecom associations have been meeting regularly with the goal of devising recommendations for a Connect America Fund program for the nation’s small rural rate of return (RoR) carriers – and according to a letter sent to the FCC yesterday, progress is being...Learn More

Eastern Oregon Telecom: A Model for Rural Gigabit?

Eastern Oregon Telecom (EOT) is a competitive provider based in Eastern Oregon, serving primarily small town and rural markets. EOT recently embarked on a gigabit fiber program, EOT Velocity Internet, which is building FTTP to select markets throughout their service territory. Telecompetitor sat down with...Learn More

CEO Dishes on Consolidated Acquisition Strategy, Competing with Google

Consolidated Communications is “always looking” at potential acquisitions, said Consolidated President and CEO Bob Udell  at the Stephens Spring Investment Conference today, which was also webcast. But the company’s acquisition criteria are different for larger companies than for smaller ones, Udell noted. Consolidated Acquisition Strategy...Learn More

Small Telcos Gain Cloud and Hosting Scale with Codero Acquisition

Updated BLM Acquisition Corp., a consortium of 32 regional telecom and broadband providers, announced today that it has acquired cloud hosting company Codero Hosting – a move that deal-maker Bill King said could enable the providers to compete with the likes of Amazon Web Services...Learn More