Carriers Urge FCC to Close $110 Million Annual Broadband A-CAM Funding Gap

Letters from rural carriers have been pouring into the FCC to urge the commission to close the broadband A-CAM funding gap before the end of the year. It was just about a year ago that more carriers than expected chose to participate in the A-CAM...Learn More

CAF II Auction Rules: FCC Explains How Proposed Auction to Fund Rural Broadband Would Work

FCC officials today conducted a webinar explaining how proposed CAF II auction rules would work. The auction will award funding to help cover the cost of deploying broadband in unserved rural areas. It is expected to take place in 2018, officials said. The rules discussed...Learn More

FCC Adopts $453M Mobility Fund, CAF Auction Weighting Factors for Rural Broadband Support

Updated later February 23 with additional information from the FCC The FCC today voted to establish a mobility fund as part of broader plans to transition the traditional Universal Service Fund (USF) program to a Connect America Fund (CAF) program that will focus on broadband...Learn More

RWA: Mobility Fund Phase II Could Leave Some Areas Without Service

Some rural areas could be left without wireless service if the FCC approves the latest proposal for the Connect America Mobility Fund Phase II, cautions the Rural Wireless Association. Some wireless carriers in high-cost rural areas currently receive funding through the traditional high-cost universal service...Learn More

FCC Releases Preliminary List of Census Blocks for Connect America Fund Auction

The FCC yesterday released a preliminary list of census blocks eligible for the Connect America Fund auction. That auction will award funding to help cover the cost of bringing service to areas that cannot get broadband today or can only get low-speed broadband. The list...Learn More

Verizon CAF Auction Ideas: Declined States, Least Costly Locations Should Get Priority

Although Verizon to date has declined to accept funding through the Connect America Fund (CAF) program to bring broadband to unserved parts of its local service territory, the company may be having a change of heart. Comments filed by Verizon with the FCC suggest the...Learn More

Senators Want USF Mobility Fund to Target Croplands

A bi-partisan group of 26 senators is asking the FCC to establish new parameters for a USF mobility fund that would target broadband availability in croplands “or some other geographic measurement.” The goal would be to better support precision agriculture technology aimed at enhancing productivity...Learn More

With New LOC Rules in Place, FCC Rural Broadband Experiment Funding Moves Ahead

In what could signal the beginning of the end of the FCC Rural Broadband Experiment (RBE) funding logjam, the commission on Friday said it was ready to authorize RBE support for six RBE projects in two states. The funding, which totals over $4 million, will...Learn More

Rural Gigabit Broadband is Part of FCC $2 Billion Connect America Fund Auction Plans

Rural areas that currently lack broadband could gain broadband at speeds above 1 Gbps as the result of action taken by the FCC at its monthly meeting today. Speeds of 1 Gbps downstream and 500 Mbps upstream are one of four speed levels established by...Learn More

600 MHz Auction Target Meets Expectations: 126 MHz to be Available

The 600 MHz auction target announced Friday by the FCC is a satisfactory 126 MHz of spectrum, essentially meeting the target amount of spectrum the commission hoped would be made available for auction when it began planning the auction several years ago. Spectrum in the...Learn More

Rise Broadband Aims for 50 Mbps Broadband with LTE Fixed Wireless

Rise Broadband, the company formerly known as JAB Broadband that is playing the role of broadband wireless consolidator, said yesterday that it plans to deploy fixed broadband wireless equipment based on LTE, beginning initially in the Joplin, Missouri area. “What we get is a much...Learn More

FCC Reveals Opening Bids for Broadcast Spectrum Auction

The FCC made considerable progress this week in planning for the voluntary auction of television broadcast spectrum targeted for next year. The commission released a 230-page document outlining auction procedures and setting specific application deadlines for broadcasters interested in selling spectrum and for wireless service...Learn More

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