FCC Confirms Soaring Costs for Video Programming, Retransmission Fees

The average price for basic cable TV service increased 2.3% to $23.79 for the 12-month period ending January 1, 2015, driven in large part by soaring costs for video programming, according to a new FCC pay TV price survey. Expanded basic cable service rates increased...Learn More

FCC Acts on Retransmission Battle in $9.5M Sinclair Retransmission Consent Settlement

Sinclair Broadcast Group, a television broadcaster operating 173 stations in 81 U.S. markets, will pay $9.495 million to resolve an FCC Media Bureau investigation involving retransmission consent. The FCC alleged that Sinclair retransmission consent negotiations were not conducted in good faith. The action is significant...Learn More

FCC: No Changes to Retransmission Consent Rules Needed, More Blackouts to Come?

Video operators looking to the FCC to change retransmission consent rules received bad news today. According to a blog post by FCC Chairman Wheeler, no rules changes are needed. That’s somewhat of a victory for broadcasters who held the position that the current rules are...Learn More

TV Retransmission Fees Forecast to Hit $11.6 Billion by 2022

A new TV retransmission fees forecast calls for U.S. TV station owners to receive $11.6 billion in fees from multi-channel operators by 2022.  That’s a steep increase from the $6.4 billion in retransmission fees that station owners received in 2015, according to the forecast, which...Learn More

Video Content Costs Survey: 54% of Rural Providers Saw Jump of 100% or More in Latest Contract

More than half of small rural video providers saw an increase in programming costs of 100% or greater in their latest contract negotiations, according to a survey conducted recently by Vantage Point Solutions, an engineering and consulting firm serving rural telcos. VPS surveyed 180 clients...Learn More

Retransmission Consent Reform: FCC Sets Out Legal Arguments

The FCC is on strong legal grounds in revising rules governing retransmission consent agreements between broadcasters and pay TV providers, argued Bill Lake, chief of the FCC media bureau, in a blog post yesterday.  For years pay TV providers – including cable companies, satellite TV...Learn More

FCC Moves Further on Retransmission Consent

As expected the FCC this week adopted a notice of proposed rulemaking (NPRM) that would allow video service providers including telcos and cable companies the option of bringing in broadcast network signals from outside their home markets. The goal would be to give service providers...Learn More

ACA to FCC: Smaller Cable Companies Are Shutting Down and Congress Should Know Why

The American Cable Association, which represents small, primarily rural, cable companies, is again asking the Federal Communications Commission to report on and study the closing of smaller cable systems, including why the closings occurred. Ninety-one cable systems serving more than 5,300 subscribers shut down in...Learn More

DISH Sinclair Retransmission Battle Results in 129 Stations Going Dark on DISH

Updated at 9:40p ET 8/26/15 with Restoration Announcement Updated at 1:55p ET 8/26/15 with FCC Response The retransmission wars hit a new high this week, resulting in the “largest local channel blackout in the history of television,” according to a DISH press release. Sinclair, one...Learn More

FCC Proposes Retransmission Reform, Looks at ‘Distant Signals’

One of the most contentious issues in the video industry today is retransmission consent. FCC Chairman Wheeler just jumped into the middle of it. The practice, where video service providers (VSPs) and local broadcasters negotiate a per-subscriber fee for the delivery of local stations to...Learn More

Cablevision Cord Cutter Package Reveals Shifting Attitudes

Cablevision, the New York based MSO with operations in the New York City metro area, has introduced an interesting package targeting cord cutters and cord ‘neverers.’ The package from this traditional cable TV provider offers no cable TV services and in fact, encourages customers to...Learn More

ACA to FCC: Broadband Investment at Significant Risk Due to Rising Video Programming Cost

The American Cable Association is asking the FCC to take steps to control steeply climbing programming costs. According to a study from the ACA and business consulting firm Cartesian, small carriers are seeing margins erode so sharply as a result of climbing programming costs that...Learn More

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