Trump Recommends $50B Funding for Rural Infrastructure, Possibly Including Rural Broadband

President Trump’s American Infrastructure Initiative, announced today, recommends making $200 billion in federal funding available for infrastructure investment, including $50 billion targeted specifically for a new Rural Infrastructure Program. How much of that money might go toward a Trump rural broadband initiative is unclear. Although...Learn More

Rural Call Completion Legislation Passes Both Houses

Rural call completion has been passed in both the Senate and Congress and is awaiting President Trump’s signature. The legislation aims to ensure that calls go through to rural areas by establishing a registry of “intermediate providers” that complete calls for other carriers, by requiring...Learn More

O’Rielly Argues Against Expanding Universal Service Fund Contribution Base or Increasing USF Budget

The FCC should not expand the Universal Service Fund contribution base or increase the overall USF budget, said FCC Commissioner Michael O’Rielly in an address at the Hudson Institute this week. “Instead of broadening the base, I want to get overall spending under control,” said...Learn More

Co-Mo Electric Cooperative CEO Named RUS Administrator

U.S. Department of Agriculture Sonny Perdue said today that President Trump plans to appoint Kenneth Johnson, CEO of rural Missouri-based Co-Mo Electric Cooperative, to be the USDA’s Rural Utilities Service Administrator. Co-Mo has offered broadband to its members over fiber-to-the-home infrastructure since 2012 and that...Learn More

FCC Broadband Report: New Deployments Rise After Two-Year Drop

Broadband deployment had slowed but has shown recent signs of recovery, according to the 2018 version of the annual FCC broadband report. The agency attributes the two-year downturn between 2015 and 2017 to the previous commission’s 2015 Title II Order that regulated broadband Internet access...Learn More

New NY Broadband Funding Winners Include Frontier, Windstream, TDS, Hughes, Others

While Verizon’s $82 million funding was the big news from the recent New NY broadband funding announcement, other carriers also received funding for rural New York – including Frontier, Hughes Network Systems, TDS Telecom, Windstream and numerous smaller carriers. Funding also went to Fairpoint Communications,...Learn More

FCC Spectrum Horizons Proposal Focuses on Extremely High Frequencies

The FCC will vote next month on a Spectrum Horizons proposal that could eventually open up spectrum at extremely high frequencies for mobile use. Previously this spectrum was considered unsuitable for telecom services but as wireless bandwidth demand continues to climb, network operators are exploring...Learn More

CBRS Rules and Wireless ISPs: What Impact Would Contemplated Changes Have?

I checked in recently with some stakeholders to get their take on potential changes to CBRS rules and wireless ISPs (WISPs), with the goal of better gauging the potential impact of the proposed rule changes on the WISPs. In recent years, wireless ISPs have had...Learn More

If You Really Want to Solve the Digital Divide, Show Me the Money

Rural broadband was front and center today on Capitol Hill, with the House Energy and Commerce committee’s Communications and Technology subcommittee holding hearings on rural broadband and closing the digital divide. A whopping 25 legislative resolutions that address rural broadband expansion to the nation’s unserved...Learn More

$2 Billion CAF II Auction Plans Set, Pai Pleads for Participation from Providers of All Types

The Connect America Fund auction to award funding to bring broadband to unserved areas of 20 states is officially scheduled for July 24. The FCC at today’s monthly commission meeting voted to approve plans for the competitive bidding process, known as the CAF II Auction...Learn More

5G Nationalization Proposal is the Quintessential Non-Starter

A proposal to nationalize the 5G network in the U.S. would appear to be the quintessential non-starter. The 5G nationalization proposal, reportedly produced by a senior National Security Council official and shared with senior officials at other federal agencies, has garnered little support but has...Learn More

Charter Rural Broadband Strategy Could Include Fixed Wireless and Wireline Options

Charter recently has been touting its investment to bring broadband to unserved rural areas. A corporate blog post yesterday suggests the cable MSO may anticipate using a mixture of wireless and wireline technology for that strategy. In the blog post, the company advocated technology-neutral government...Learn More

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