Report: Millennial Video Preference for OTT Driven by Availability, Cost, and Experience

Why subscribe to a traditional pay-TV service when you can watch all the movies and shows you care to on demand by signing up for cheaper OTT subscription streaming services? That’s increasingly the point of view being taken by young adults (20-25), the single largest...Learn More

TM Forum: Amazon-Style Platform Business Model May Be Answer for Telco Video

Some major telecom service providers hope to use an Amazon-style platform to support a new approach to offering video content to end users, said Barry Graham, senior director of agile business and IT for technology association TM Forum, in an interview. Graham used the term...Learn More

Skinny Bundle Research Quantifies Upside, Downside for Pay-TV Providers

Pay-TV providers contemplating the prospect of offering “skinny bundles” of fewer TV channels face a difficult balancing act, according to skinny bundle research from Altman Vilandrie & Co. So-called ¨skinny bundles¨ composed of channels selected specifically to meet the viewing preferences of specific subscriber groups...Learn More

Netflix Wants FCC to Crack Down on Broadband Caps

Netflix is asking the FCC to establish a 10 Mbps downstream, 1 Mbps upstream definition for mobile broadband and to consider the impact that broadband caps have on the deployment of advanced telecom capability. The OTT video provider made its comments in a filing pertaining...Learn More

Show Dumping Research: 37% Have Stopped Watching a Favorite Show

TV viewers are increasingly “show dumping” – discontinuing viewing of even their favorite programs – due to rising costs and difficulties associated with watching them, according to new show dumping research research from TiVo. Surveying 5,500 pay-TV and OTT viewers in the U.S., Europe and...Learn More

TiVo Introduces Next-Gen User Interface

Amsterdam & San Carlos, California — September 9, 2016 — TiVo (NASDAQ: TIVO), the global leader in entertainment technology and audience insights, announced today a new generation of user experience (UX) design that is uniquely TiVo. Built for today’s modern TVs and mobile screens, TiVo’s...Learn More

Rio Olympics OTT Video Stats: NBC and Akamai Stream 3.3 Billion Minutes

One hundred million unique users tapped into NBC’s digital coverage for the 2016 Rio Summer Olympics. NBC, in partnership with Akamai, racked up some impressive Rio Olympics OTT video stats. The companies set industry milestones in terms of coverage and the amount of digital video...Learn More

Report: OTT Video Subscriber Growth Pegged at 12%

The number of U.S. broadband households who have signed up for OTT video services from a major provider has risen 12% since 3Q 2014. Both consumer awareness and the number of OTT video services available has grown over the period despite greater numbers of subscribers...Learn More

One-Quarter of Total OTT Video Subscriptions Driven by Connected Apps

Connected device apps are increasingly important in driving OTT engagement, now accounting for more than one quarter of total OTT video subscriptions, according to new market research conducted by Parks Associates for Ooyala. Apps available via connected devices are the second most popular means subscribers...Learn More

AT&T Obtains HBO OTT Rights for Upcoming Streaming Service

AT&T is preparing the launch of their DIRECTV Now streaming service and just secured HBO OTT rights, according to the company. The HBO OTT rights are a part of a broader multi-platform agreement that will bring HBO and Cinemax across all AT&T video service platforms....Learn More

J.D. Power Finds Cord Stackers More Satisfied with Streaming Video Services

Pay-TV customers who ¨stack¨ a streaming video service on top of their traditional cable or satellite subscriptions are more satisfied overall, according to new market research from J.D. Power. While cord stackers were the most satisfied, overall satisfaction was lowest among ¨cord cutters.¨ The inaugural...Learn More

Windstream Applies to Bring Its Kinetic TV Service to North Carolina

Little Rock, Arkansas — Aug. 25, 2016 — Windstream (NASDAQ:WIN), a leading provider of advanced network communications, submitted a formal bid on a cable TV franchise agreement with the North Carolina Department of the Secretary of State to bring its Kinetic television service to more...Learn More