Verizon/Nokia Test 5G NR Outdoors – Including Multi-Carrier Aggregation

Verizon and Nokia say that they conducted outdoor 5G data sessions using 3GPP New Radio (NR) standards. The Verizon/Nokia 5G NR test included boosting of signals via multi-carrier aggregation. Marc Rouanne, president of Nokia Mobile Networks, focused on the outdoor element of the testing in...Learn More

AT&T Nokia IoT Partnership Targets Enterprises Worldwide

AT&T and Nokia are working together to drive IoT connectivity worldwide. A new announced AT&T Nokia IoT partnership will provide AT&T enterprise customers with products and services offered by Nokia’s Worldwide IoT Network Grid (WING). WING offers core network, dedicated IoT operations, billing, security, data...Learn More

Nokia and T-Mobile Achieve Nation’s First 3GPP-compliant Bi-directional 5G New Radio Data Transmission

Bellevue, Washington – June 7, 2018 – Nokia and T-Mobile (NASDAQ: TMUS) today announced a major milestone in delivering true mobile 5G with the successful completion of the nation’s first bi-directional over-the-air 5G data session on a 3GPP-compliant 5G New Radio (NR) system in T-Mobile’s Bellevue lab. The...Learn More

Frontier XGS-PON Path Revealed, Eyes 10 Gbps Broadband Capability with Nokia Platform

Frontier will be upgrading their Fios FTTP markets with Nokia’s XGS-PON platform, paving a path towards being able to offer 10 Gbps broadband service, Nokia announced yesterday. Frontier XGS-PON technology will be used in their Fios FTTP territories including Texas, California, and Florida, which were...Learn More

Facebook Partners with Qualcomm on Terragraph Fiber-in-the-Air Technology, Aims to Enable Gigabit Fixed Wireless

Qualcomm said today it will work with Facebook to support Facebook Terragraph technology, a high-speed wireless offering designed for urban areas that Facebook has likened to “fiber in the air.” Qualcomm said it will integrate Terragraph technology in its pre-802.11 ay Wi-Fi chipsets. Facebook and...Learn More

T-Mobile Outlines Multi-Spectrum 5G Approach, Construction to Begin Targeting 30 Markets

Nokia, Ericsson, and  T-Mobile said today that they will work together to build T-Mobile’s national multi-spectrum 5G network. T-Mobile plans include building out the network to 30 cities this year, with customers in New York, Los Angeles, Dallas, and Las Vegas experiencing 5G on smartphones...Learn More

Nokia, Facebook Team Up on High-Speed Fixed Wireless

Nokia will combine its worldwide delivery capabilities and wireless passive optical network (WPON) with Facebook’s Terragraph technology to launch global gigabit broadband trials in 2018 with select customers. The Nokia, Facebook project is an attempt to accelerate the adoption of 60 GHz fixed wireless access...Learn More

Nokia, Intel and Verizon Collaborate on New Virtualized RAN Architectures on Path to Commercialization

26 February 2018 — Espoo, Finland – Nokia, Intel and Verizon are collaborating on new groundbreaking Cloud RAN architectures to provide the flexibility needed for the operator’s future services and requirements for 4G, 5G and IoT in the cloud. The first milestone in developing Verizon’s vRAN...Learn More

Nokia T-Mobile LAA Test Achieves 1.3 Gbps, CTO Neville Cites Foundation for 5G

A Nokia T-Mobile LAA test achieved speeds of 1.3 Gbps using the licensed assisted access technology at the carrier’s lab in Bellevue, WA. LAA is an approach to the use of unlicensed spectrum by cellular operators. The tests supported 14-layer transmissions using Nokia’s commercial AirScale...Learn More

Verizon 5G Roadmap Takes Important Step with Successful Mobile 5G Call

The Verizon 5G roadmap gained another step with the first successful completion of a 5G new radio (NR) 3GPP standards compliant over-the-air mobile 5G call, the company announced yesterday. The call was completed over licensed spectrum on a 5G NR prototype device provided by Qualcomm....Learn More

U.S. Cellular and Nokia Team Up to Improve the Network Experience for Customers

January 03, 2018 — CHICAGO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–U.S. Cellular and Nokia today announced that they are working together on a transformative intelligent operations system to better predict and determine network performance to enhance the wireless customer experience. By combining Nokia’s advanced analytics and a variety of “smart”...Learn More

XGS-PON Plugfest Confirms Vendor Interoperability

The second XGS-PON Interoperability Plugfest, which concluded in Tauxigny, France recently, brought together 13 tech companies from across the globe in an attempt to improve the interoperability of one of the latest iterations of PON technology. The XGS-PON plugfest focused on interoperability between XGS-PON Optical...Learn More

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