Nielsen: Mobile Devices and TV Creating an Integrated Entertainment Experience

Nearly half of U.S. smartphone and tablet owners – 46% and 43%, respectively – said they use their devices as second screens daily while watching TV. More than 2/3 said they used their mobile devices as second viewing screens multiple times per week during 1Q...Learn More

Changing “Definitions” Reflect a Changing TV Industry

Traditional and basic metrics that are losing their power to describe financial performance or end user behavior are among the sure signs a market is changing. So it is that the television industry is within three months of creating new definitions of what a “TV...Learn More

Nielsen: Vast Majority of TV Programs Are Watched Live

It’s generally accepted that the shelf life, and ad value, of live, broadcast TV programming is short. Recent Nielsen research aimed to quantify what the television industry calls “Beyond 7,” defined as viewing of television programming eight days or more after the programming initially was...Learn More

Nielsen: More than 80% of Tablet Owners Use Them While Watching TV

Smartphone penetration in U.S. homes is now more than 50%, but tablet adoption is rising fast. Within a two-year period, nearly 20% of U.S. homes have become home to at least one tablet — and both devices increasingly are being used while watching TV, according...Learn More

Nielsen: New Game Consoles Drive Men’s TV Time Up by 48 Minutes Per Day

Studies have found that women typically spend more time in front of the TV than men do, but the results of a new Nielsen study indicate that equipping men with game consoles could redress the imbalance. The 7th generation of game consoles almost completely, but...Learn More

Nielsen: Social Networks, Blogs Dominate Americans’ Internet Time

Social networks and blogs now dominate the time Americans spend on the Internet, and more social media users are accessing sites via mobile phones, according to Nielsen’s 3Q 2011 Social Media Report. Americans spend nearly 25% of their Internet time on social networks and blogs,...Learn More

Top 50 Android Apps Dominate

Thousands of Apple iOS and Google Android smartphones are equipped with on-device meters, and Nielsen has been using them to track data on how much time subscribers are spending using Web browsers and custom-built mobile apps to check, news, weather, email and social networks. The...Learn More

Nielsen: Smartphones Are Majority of New Mobile Phone Purchases

Smartphone penetration continues on an upward trajectory in the US – 38% of US mobile phone customers owned smartphones as of May, while 55% who purchased a new handset in the last three months purchased a smartphone as opposed to a feature phone. That’s up...Learn More

Report: Average Smartphone User Consumes 435 MB Per Month

The average smartphone user’s consumption of mobile data shot up 89% between Q1 2010 and Q1 2011. Consumers are benefiting from lower per MB costs, however — cost per unit of data has fallen nearly 50% over the period, from $0.14 per MB to just...Learn More

Nielsen: Hulu is ‘Stickiest’ OTT Video Site

Internet sourced video streaming continues to grow in the U.S. as Americans streamed more than 15 billion videos in May, 2% above last month’s all-time high of 14.7 billion. The number of unique online viewers is also up, increasing some 3% in May from April,...Learn More

Nielsen: Across the Board, Americans Watching More TV Than Ever

With more TV viewing options than ever before, Americans are watching more TV than ever before, be it watching TV the traditional way, by streaming video via the Internet, time-shifted viewing using DVRs, or on mobile devices, according to The Nielsen Company’s latest “Cross-Platform Report.”...Learn More

Nielsen: Tablets and TVs Are Connected at the Hip

Nielsen revealed some interesting research which highlights the connection between TVs and tablets and smartphones – most tablet and smartphone users interact with their devices while watching TV. In fact for tablets and smartphones, watching TV is the preferred ‘situational use’ for tablets at 70%,...Learn More

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