Senate Net Neutrality Vote Aims to Reinstate Rules

The Senate voted 52-47 yesterday to overturn the decision late last year to end Net Neutrality rules. The Senate Net Neutrality vote was brought up under the Congressional Review Act, which allows a vote on regulatory changes within a limited time after they are signed...Learn More

FCC Broadband Report: New Deployments Rise After Two-Year Drop

Broadband deployment had slowed but has shown recent signs of recovery, according to the 2018 version of the annual FCC broadband report. The agency attributes the two-year downturn between 2015 and 2017 to the previous commission’s 2015 Title II Order that regulated broadband Internet access...Learn More

BTC Broadband Seizes on Net Neutrality Debate, Removes Bandwidth Caps

Regional broadband operator BTC Broadband, serving northwestern Oklahoma, is eliminating monthly broadband usage caps and offering symmetrical bandwidth. Citing the net neutrality debate, BTC says these changes are evidence of their support of open and equal access to the Internet. BTC previously had bandwidth caps...Learn More

Report: When it Comes to Net Neutrality Support, Knowledge is Evidently Power

Most who say they understand the net neutrality issue say they support it, according to a new study of net neutrality perceptions from research firm GfK. According to the study, about half (55%) of all U.S. consumers report that they understand the issue of net...Learn More

Top Telecom Stories of 2017 (7 High-Profile, 3 Low-Profile)

It was virtually impossible to miss some of the top telecom stories of 2017 –such as the recent Net Neutrality reversal or carriers’ ongoing 5G and fixed wireless activities. Some other important stories initially got a bit of attention but then faded from the collective...Learn More

Room Evacuation Accompanies FCC Net Neutrality Reversal

As expected, the FCC at today’s monthly commission meeting voted to reverse Net Neutrality guidelines that have been in place since 2015 – a victory for broadband providers who say it will enhance their ability to invest in their networks, but a move that consumer...Learn More

Broadband Provider Groups Aim to Debunk “Overexaggerated” Net Neutrality Fears

Representatives of three broadband provider associations held a press conference today to attempt to debunk what one representative called “overexaggerated” and “catastrophic” Net Neutrality fears on the part of the American public. The action came just one day before the FCC is expected to vote...Learn More

FCC Poised to Reverse Net Neutrality, Title II Decisions

The FCC will vote next month on an order that would reverse Net Neutrality guidelines imposed in 2015 under the previous administration, senior commission officials told reporters today. The order also would reclassify broadband as a more lightly regulated Title I information service – reversing...Learn More

FCC Gets Set for Broadband Reclassification; Clyburn Fears USF Impact

As expected, the FCC today took steps toward broadband reclassification as a Title I information service, rather than a Title II telecommunications service – a move that would represent a return to the regulatory approach used prior to 2015 and that could also be a...Learn More

FCC on Net Neutrality and Title II: You Can Have One Without the Other

Despite a 2014 appeals court ruling to the contrary, Net Neutrality and Title II broadband are not like “love and marriage” in the vintage song: you can have one without the other – at least that’s what the FCC is hoping. When FCC Chairman Ajit...Learn More

Pai Plans to Reverse Broadband Title II Reclassification

FCC Chairman Ajit Pai today initiated a process to reverse the commission’s previous decision to reclassify broadband as a Title II communications service – a move that also will further the goal of eliminating Net Neutrality guidelines put in place under the previous FCC administration....Learn More

ITIF: Broadband Populists Threaten Commercial Network Operators

Broadband populists threaten commercial network operators and ultimately broadband deployment, argues the Information Technology & Innovation Foundation in a report released yesterday. These broadband populists include the likes of law professor Susan Crawford, the New America Foundation and The Free Press, according to the report....Learn More

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