Can Wi-Fi Really Compete with Mobile Networks?

As someone who historically has been skeptical about suggestions that widespread Wi-Fi networks would be a viable alternative to mobile networks, recent smart phone and tablet trends are a cause to reexamine those assumptions. The way people now use mobile and untethered devices means the...Learn More

Alcatel-Lucent is Latest Entrant in Hot Personalized Mobile Plan Market

The concept of “personalized mobile services” may sound like a tired old marketing phrase but it’s actually quite a hot telecom development area, as an announcement from Alcatel-Lucent today illustrates. The company is launching what it calls Smart Plan Builder, a software product aimed at...Learn More

Report: Smartphone, Tablets Increasingly Used as Portable Music Players

Smartphone and tablet users are increasingly using their devices as portable music players, driving growth in accessory devices, such as wireless speakers and headphones, that enhance the listening experience, according to a new study from The NPD Group. Forty percent of tablet owners said they...Learn More

Diminishing Use Predicts Churn: Will that Happen to Access Networks?

In the mobile service provider business, one of the classic signs of potential customer churn is a pattern of diminishing use. But that is but one of scores to hundreds of key performance indicators mobile service providers can monitor when attempting to protect their current...Learn More

Report: Apple, Samsung Tops in Mobile Device Internet Usage

Both Apple and Samsung surpassed Nokia as the most popular mobile vendors in terms of worldwide Internet usage for the first time, according to new research results from StatCounter, an independent provider of website analytics. Apple took over the #1 slot in January for the...Learn More

Unlicensed Mobile Data Technology May Present Interesting Options

Beginning next quarter, rural network operators may have another option for bringing mobile Internet connectivity to areas that cannot get such connectivity  today. That’s when xG Technology plans to begin shipping equipment supporting Internet connectivity, which xG claims can deliver speeds of up to 1.5...Learn More

TruConnect to Offer Mobile Internet Through Walmart

LOS ANGELES–Nov. 1, 2012–TruConnect Mobile LLC today announced it will deliver Internet on the Go™ “Go Big” and “Go Bigger” plans that offer great mobile Internet access value for both casual and heavy users exclusively at Walmart. Internet on the Go services have always featured...Learn More

IDC: Americans Will Prefer Mobile Device over PC for Web Access

Mobile devices are poised to supplant PCs as users’ default gateways to the Internet, according to the latest data from IDC’s Worldwide New Media Market Model. The trend is most pronounced in the U.S., where IDC forecasts the number of people accessing the Internet via...Learn More

London 2012 and Two Tales of the Multiscreen Olympics

NBC Universal is making a huge effort not only to cover and distribute more Olympic Games coverage than ever before, but also, is undertaking a major research effort into the results of its coverage; using multiple outside research providers to crunch the data.  While we...Learn More

Report: Mobile Data Growth to Slow by 2016

Global mobile data traffic will exceed 107 exabytes in 2017, 8-times more than that forecast for 2012, according to a new ABI Research forecast. This explosive rate of growth, which has prompted repeated warnings of a mobile data traffic “tsunami” threatening mobile operator networks, needs...Learn More

Poll: 40% of Olympic Followers Will Do So on Two or More Devices

With the opening of the 2012 Summer Olympics less than a week away, mobile marketing and advertising technology provider Velti released the results of a nationwide poll showing that 40% of those who plan to follow the Olympics this summer will use two or more...Learn More

ABI: Outdoor Small Cell Growth to See Significant Momentum

The global market for outdoor “small cells”– femtocells, picocells, microcells and carrier Wi-Fi access points– will be worth $14.3 billion by 2017, according to a new ABI report. For 2012, sales of outdoor small cells will surpass 1 million units, exceeding a forecast 954,000 units...Learn More

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