Citizens Fiber Selects Metaswitch for Strategic Network Transformation

LOS ALTOS, Calif. – December 1, 2016 – Cloud-native communications software leader Metaswitch today announced that Citizens Fiber of Pennsylvania has selected a full suite of advanced software switches and applications as the basis for its network transformation to an all-IP future. Citizens Fiber is...Learn More

Telco Network Transformation: Just Don’t Mess Up the Revenue Thing

Telco network transformation is a popular topic in today’s industry circles. Conventional wisdom says all telcos are in some form of transformation mode, moving from a hardware-based TDM legacy to a software-based IP future. But there’s a lot to think about regarding this transition, with...Learn More

Metaswitch NFV Gains Traction with Virtualized Business Communications

One vendor that seems to be making considerable progress in transitioning to network functions virtualization (NFV) is Metaswitch, which today announced that Puerto Rican network operator Optivon has deployed Metaswitch’s virtualized Business Communications solutions. Capabilities that Optivon will be able to offer its customers include...Learn More

Finding Your Place in the Cloud

2014 was a pivotal year for the cloud. For the first time ever, more work was processed in the cloud than in traditional IT storage spaces. This shift in technology usage represents not only a growing interest and comfort level in the enterprise moving to...Learn More

Rural Telcos: Too Small to Fail?

We’re all familiar with the term “too big to fail,” which generally refers to large corporations or organizations that are so large and intertwined within an industry, their failure would be catastrophic to that industry and/or the overall economy. The recent economic downturn featured many...Learn More

Cloud Approach Lets Re-Invent Telecom Go Nationwide

As small telcos seek to expand beyond their traditional business, we’re seeing more and more of them offering cloud-based services outside their traditional serving area. A good example of that comes from Saddleback Communications, an Arizona-based ILEC that has a separate division called Re-Invent Telecom...Learn More

Voice over Wi-Fi Services: Loud and Clear

The business and architectural changes propelled by the Internet are accelerating relentlessly. Single-service networks are converging on IP and applications of all types will be delivered as over-the-top (OTT) and on-demand. That’s particularly true when it comes to voice services, where the move to Voice...Learn More

Embracing the Software Based Telecom Network

Communications network infrastructure is on a path to become more software-centric: virtual network functions running on commodity hardware, in the cloud.  Intelligent software, separated from hardware, driven by the double-header of both network functions virtualization (NFV) and software defined networking (SDN). In turn, assets will...Learn More

The Art of Delivering Hosted Unified Communications

With the explosive growth in hosted private-branch exchange (PBX) and unified communications (UC), many service providers are now considering selling hosted communications services to business customers for the first time. The financial rewards can be great for the service providers offering hosted PBX/UC services. But...Learn More

Reinvent the Home Phone for Different Markets

“Two in every five American homes (39.4%) had only wireless phones as of the first half of 2013. About 38% of U.S. adults (or 90 million) and 45.4% of U.S. children (33 million) lived in wireless-only households… The percentage of adults living in households with...Learn More

What NFV and IMS Can Do for You

It’s all too easy for network operators of all sizes to bury their heads in the sand of the technology landscape and think that so many new technologies don’t apply to them. But doing so in the case of IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) and Network...Learn More

The Disappearing Central Office: Implications of SDN and NFV

Brainpower was on display at the Metaswitch Forum this week in New Orleans, where discussions on the implications of SDN and NFV dominated. These two networking technologies are fundamentally changing the approach and architecture of telecom networks, or as Metaswitch so metaphorically highlighted this week...Learn More

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