AT&T: With 800K Subs, We Now Know Enough About DirecTV Now to Take it To the Next Level

The next AT&T DirecTV Now platform will provide cloud DVR capability and will support pay-per-view and digital ad insertion, said John Stephens, AT&T senior executive vice president and chief financial officer, at a financial conference today. DirecTV Now is the company’s over-the-top video offering launched...Learn More

Local Advertising Now in Reach for Smaller IPTV Providers?

Given the tough business challenges of IPTV, especially for smaller service providers, incremental revenue of any type is highly desired. One revenue opportunity that holds promise is local advertising. This advertising revenue may not make or break an IPTV business model, but every little bit...Learn More

Comcast Expands Business Relationship with TelcoTV Providers

Comcast subsidiary Comcast Spotlight, their advertising sales arm, has expanded their relationship with telcoTV competitors. They just recently signed AT&T as a client to sell advertising spots for certain U-verse TV markets. Comcast Spotlight does similar activity for Verizon in certain FiOS markets. Comcast Spotlight...Learn More

Verizon Partners With the Enemy for Ad Sales

It’s not the first time they’ve done it and probably won’t be the last. Verizon has selected one of its main competitors, Time Warner Cable in this case, to sell local ad spots across Verizon FiOS properties in New York, Los Angeles, and Dallas markets....Learn More

Horry Telephone Upgrades HD, Local Ad Insertion Capabilities

Horry Telephone Cooperative Expands Service and Generates More Ad Revenue with RGB’s Broadcast Network Processor and SeaChange Spot System SUNNYVALE, California and ACTON, Massachusetts – November 5, 2009 – RGB Networks, the leader in network video processing, and SeaChange International (NASDAQ: SEAC), a leader in...Learn More

Comcast To Sell Local Ads for FiOS

Business is business. So what if Comcast and Verizon compete fiercely across video, telecom, and broadband sectors, when something is apparently win-win, you go for it. Comcast Spotlight, the local ad sales division of Comcast, announced they will begin selling advertising for Verizon FiOS in...Learn More

Partnering for Local Ad Insertion Success

Advertising revenue generated by local and national television commercial placements on cable networks has been touted as a great source of potential profits for video service providers. Unfortunately, that promise has been out of reach for most small telco TV operators. Like most models in...Learn More

GVTC Selects Viamedia for Local Ad Sales

LEXINGTON, KENTUCKY 2/16/2009 – Viamedia, the cable industry’s leading independent cable rep firm, announced today they have entered into an agreement with GVTC to represent advertising sales for their San Antonio market. Read More …Learn More

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