WOW Lights Up Gigabit Broadband in 7 States, Leverages Deep Fiber Approach

Competitive broadband and video provider WOW announced yesterday that it had launched gigabit service in several markets nationwide. To support the WOW gigabit service, the company brought fiber to a neighborhood node and will use existing coax from that point to individual homes, a WOW...Learn More

Atlantic Broadband MetroCast Acquisition: $1.4 Billion Deal Gains Rest of MetroCast

As cable companies continue to snatch market share from telcos offering slower broadband speeds, the cable industry has been undergoing a period of intense consolidation, as news today about an Atlantic Broadband MetroCast acquisition illustrates. Atlantic Broadband owner Cogeco Communications said today that it will...Learn More

Report: Gigabit Broadband Availability Reaches Over 200M Globally, 56 Million in the U.S.

Just shy of 220 million people worldwide have gigabit broadband availability, according to the latest Gigabit Monitor from test and measurement vendor Viavi. That’s roughly 3 percent of the world population. Seventeen percent of the population – 56.4 million people – have gigabit broadband access...Learn More

Despite Appeals Court Decision, Municipal Gigabit Momentum Continues

News this week of five new municipal gigabit networks is a reminder that the recent municipal appeals court decision will have little or no impact in some states or for certain municipal network operators. A recent decision by the Sixth Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals...Learn More

Report: North America Dominates Global Gigabit Deployments

A new visual online database of global gigabit deployments illustrates just how fast the number of gigabit Internet initiatives in the U.S. and worldwide has grown in recent years. A new Global Gigabit Monitor launched today reveals that more than 500 gigabit Internet projects are...Learn More

Rural Senators Want FCC Business Data Service Rules Based on Cableco Information

Data filed recently by the major U.S. cable companies should be taken into account when FCC business data service rules are revised, argue nine U.S. senators from rural states in a letter sent yesterday to FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler. “Rural communities depend on robust investments...Learn More

Ethernet over HFC Definition Will Be Critical to Business Data Services Debate

With the FCC poised to regulate business data services, opponents are arguing vociferously about the extent of competition in the business data services (BDS) market – and a critical issue is whether Ethernet over HFC counts as a business data service. According to an Ethernet...Learn More

Carriers Seek Reversal of Business Data Services Regulation, Citing Flawed Analysis

Six of the nation’s largest telecom service providers are seeking big changes to the current plans for FCC business data services regulation. At issue is the huge volume of data on which the FCC based its plans and which the carriers says is “irretrievably flawed.”...Learn More

CEO: CountryWide Broadband Acquires iTV-3, With More Deals in the Works

The tier 3 telecom market gained another consolidator yesterday with the news that St. Louis-based startup company CountryWide Broadband plans to acquire iTV-3, operator of an open access gigabit network serving several central Illinois communities, including Peoria, Champaign and Urbana. In an interview CountryWide Broadband...Learn More

Cable One Gigabit to Reach 1.5 Million Homes

Looking to expand its business nationwide, Phoenix-based Cable One on November 5 announced that come 2016 its gigabit speed GigaONE service will be available in more than 200 cities and towns across the U.S. In a press release, management says GigaONE will be available to...Learn More

Comcast Ethernet @Home Offers a New Take on Residential Broadband

Residential broadband connectivity usually is synonymous with Internet service. But as a new offering from Comcast launched yesterday illustrates, it doesn’t have to be that way. The offering, dubbed Ethernet @Home, targets teleworkers by providing an Ethernet connection between the worker’s home and his or...Learn More

Copper Based Broadband Decline is Accelerating, Sort Of

While still the dominant method for broadband access across the world, the decline in copper based broadband connections is accelerating, according to a recent Point Topic report. That’s not surprising news, especially here in the U.S. where the two largest incumbent DSL providers, Verizon and...Learn More

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