RingCentral Announces Integration with New Google Hangouts Chat

March 01, 2018 — BELMONT, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–RingCentral, Inc. (NYSE:RNG), a leading provider of global enterprise cloud communications and collaboration solutions, today announced its integration with Hangouts Chat, a secure collaboration tool within G Suite designed to bring teams together. As one of the inaugural partners of the...Learn More

Fiber Phone Joins the Line-Up for a Google Fiber Triple Play

Google announced a coming Google Fiber triple play, with the introduction of Fiber voice service. The service will be in a phased roll-out and it follows an announced trial for the service back in February. The cloud based phone service will cost Google Fiber subscribers...Learn More

Google Testing Home Phone Service Called Google Fiber Phone

When Google launched Google Fiber several years ago, phone service was noticeably absent from their double play offer of broadband and video. That may change, with testing of Google Fiber Phone. The Washington Post managed to get a copy of a notice Google sent out...Learn More

Google Plans Motorola Mobility Acquisition

Google’s plan to purchase Motorola Mobility, announced today, has been vaunted as a move that could strengthen Google’s position in the smartphone and web TV market—but it doesn’t look like a slam dunk to me. Normally when we hear about the acquisition of a company that...Learn More

Sprint Embraces Google Voice, More Evidence of Data Future and Voice Past

An announcement like this, Sprint to offer Google Voice, would normally get more attention, but there was some rather interesting merger news that foreshadowed it. With the move, Sprint becomes the first major carrier to offer Google Voice on its handsets. There were ways to...Learn More

Google Voice Porting Number Experiment

For some recent brief moments, Google was allowing Google Voice subscribers to port their phone number away from their current provider to Google Voice. The Engadget blog discovered and reported on this and then the new $20 Google porting feature option soon disappeared. Google promptly...Learn More

magicJack Takes on Skype, Google Voice with magicTalk

The merger earlier this year of VoIP pioneer VocalTec with YMax, the parent company behind the magicJack, has netted its first new product and service offering. Rumors about the new offering, dubbed magicTalk, emerged several weeks ago –and as rumored, magicTalk is a softphone-based offering...Learn More

Not So Fast Google Says Frontier, Suing Over Google Voice

Google has a knack for irritating traditional telephone companies, especially with Google Voice (GV). They first irked AT&T, who raised a net neutrality and common carrier argument with the FCC over Google Voice back in 2009. Those actions, along with others, prompted the FCC to...Learn More

Google Voice Now Available to Anyone in the U.S.

We’ve chronicled Google’s feature rich Google Voice application in depth. The latest chapter sees Google opening up the availability of Google Voice to anyone in the U.S. Previously, Google Voice (GV) was ‘by invitation’ only, although Google claims over one million GV subscribers already. GV...Learn More

Is Google Going Too Far?

Google dominance is on the rise. So much so, I’m beginning to wonder if they should slow down. Consider that Google already dominates Internet search across the globe – so much so that Google is, in effect, the gateway to the Internet for most of...Learn More

Google Voice Sets Sights On Business Customers, Unified Communications

Google Voice is a voice application that provides a variety of features including call routing/forwarding, unified voicemail, and simultaneous ring, among others. Google Voice has 1.4 million subscribers and growing. Google is now turning their attention to the small and medium business (SMB) and enterprise...Learn More

Google Responds to FCC Inquiry into Google Voice

Google has responded to an FCC inquiry into Google Voice concerning call blocking of its voice application to certain telephone numbers. Google had been blocking termination of calls to certain telephone numbers that it felt were ‘traffic pumping’ schemes. Traffic pumping takes advantage of current...Learn More

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